Date 6 April 2017 (Thursday)
Time 6:30 - 8:30pm
Venue Eminence Galaxy – Alumni Function Room, 11/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, CityU
Language Putonghua

The reflection process on the war crimes of the Nazis after World War II in Germany

Dr. Sun Xiaoping 孫小平博士

Doctorate of Theology
University of Hamburg, Germany

[ Biography ]


Outline of The reflection process on the war crimes of the Nazis after World War II in Germany

A. Which war crimes committed by Nazi-Germany in WW II? the definition of war crimes; the new interpretation of the post-war international war crimes; from Nürnberg trials to the Vietnam war simulation trial by the left-movement in the 60s under Jean-Paul Sartre et al.

B. Reflection process on Nazi war crimes in post-war Germany. Germany's situation and post-war reconstruction; the beginning of the cold war; the 1968 student movement; the guiding role of legal - the trial nodes: the Nürnberger trial (1945), Remer case (1952), Eicjmann case (1960), Auschwitz-Trial in Frankfurt (1963), Demjanuk case (2011); Characters node: F. Bauer (1903-1968), B. Klarsfeld (1939 -), Willy Brandt (1913-1992), Richard von Weizsäcke (1920-2015);

C. Conclusion


A. 納粹德國在WW II 犯下了哪些戰爭罪行,戰爭罪行的定義,戰後國際社會對戰爭罪行的重新演釋,從紐倫堡審判到60年代左翼運動在讓·保羅·薩特等人主持下的越戰模擬審判;

B. 戰後德國反思納粹戰爭罪行的過程,戰後的局勢和德國重建工作,冷戰的開端,1968年學生運動,法律的引導作用- 各項審判節點:紐倫堡審判,雷莫案(1952),艾希曼案(1960),法蘭克福奧斯維辛案(1963),德米揚努科案(2011),人物節點:鮑爾(1903 - 1968),克萊斯菲爾德(1939 - ),威利·勃蘭特(1913 - 1992),馮·魏茨澤克(1920 - 2015);

C. 結束語

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