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10 April 2017

SHARP Forum: Artificial Intelligence: End of Humanity or the Beginning of a New Era?

SHARP Forum: Artificial Intelligence
SHARP Forum: Artificial Intelligence

AI is now everywhere. Its influence is growing exponentially and extends across multiple industries. CityU MBA invited two AI experts to speak to over 130 audiences examining the question “Artificial Intelligence: End of Humanity or the Beginning of a New Era?” in SHARP Forum on 10 April 2017. Dr. Andy Chun, Associate Professor of Department of Computer Science at CityU explored the journey of AI research & development, and explained modern AI in layman terms, including technologies such as deep-learning, speech recognition/generation, chatbots, robots, etc. He also shared some of his award-winning AI examples created for big corporations like the MTR Corporation and looked at what the future might hold for AI & humanity.

Before joining the panel discussion at the end of the forum, Mr. Spencer Fung, CEO and Founder of Optix Group introduced a cloud-based AI system for maintenance – JACC by leveraging AI, Big Data & IoT that makes general technicians perform high-skilled maintenance work easily & efficiently. He also demonstrated a use case of JACC on Bus Infotainment System for the audiences to understand how AI was deployed in business operations and was being used in our everyday lives.