Issue One 2019
College of Business
ON THE COVER - City Skyline - Signature cities from around the world create this composite image. The rainbow colours celebrate a cosmopolitan diversity of opportunity, the white background represents a fresh start for the next generation. Designed by DG3 Asia Limited.
From the Dean

In Write your future we celebrate the diversity of our student and alumni achievement. As technology accelerates the speed of change, our students and alumni are venturing into new fields...

Features Write your future

Driven by the urge for new experiences, our students and alumni are writing creative and ground-breaking life stories. We feature six BBA success stories celebrating diversity across careers in startups, social enterprises, corporates, and authorship

Alumni Social impact investing

Innovative social and environmental initiatives in millennial-inspired startups are highlighted by DBA alumnus Dr Richard Yap

Arts and Culture Arts and culture in Hong Kong

Henry Tang, Chairman of the Board of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, shares his excitement at the prospects of the massive new arts hub