Issue Two 2019
College of Business
ON THE COVER - Heart of Voh, New Caledonia - Photo by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth from Above
The mangrove swamp is a formation of amphibian trees, characteristic of tropical and subtropical coastlines, that develops in salty, muddy soils exposed to the movements of shifting tides. Rich in biodiversity, mangrove swamp is a fragile habitat subject to the pressure of various human activities, over exploitation of natural resources, drainage of surrounding areas, agricultural expansion, urbanisation of the coast, pollution...
From the Dean

Nature's gift comes hand-in-hand with the realisation that the most distant pacific island is submerged in millions of pieces of microplastics. As the Himalayan ice caps melt and the Amazon burns, the talk is of climate emergency...

Features A coal-free future for Hong Kong

High levels of air pollution are leading to growing concerns for our everyday health. Dr William Chung argues that access to cheaper natural gas on world markets will reduce current levels of pollution from power plants and allow Hong Kong to enjoy a coal and nuclearfree future

Research The road less travelled

When Dr Eman Leung joined CityU's first Theme-based Research Scheme project, Delivering 21st Century Healthcare in Hong Kong, little did he expect that his journey would lead to development of an algorithm that could detect "hospital frequent flyers" with over 90% accuracy

Education Passport to an exciting career

Dr Jih-chu Lee, Vice Chairman of Shin Kong Financial Holdings in Taiwan, has worked in top managerial roles across the academic, political, and financial spheres. Here she reveals the key moves to working across sectors and building a transferrable skill set