Past Forums - Academic Year 2016-17

The Digital Tsunami
Surviving & Thriving Through Digital Disruption

Gain insights into how the current and next waves of digital evolution bring new challenges and opportunities in business from the sharing and in-depth discussion among pioneering experts...

Mr. Sean Seah, Head of Digital Experience, HK, HSBC 
Mr. Win Mak, CEO, Mirum HK (Part of J.W.Thompson Co. & WPP Family)  
Mr. Alan Yip, Chairman & CEO, Guru Online (Holdings) Limited




Venture Capital vs Entrepreneur
Strategies to raise funding from investors
  • Would you like to own a business in the future?
  • Does Venture Capital show a better merit than Crowdfunding?
  • How to hit right on Potential Investor's mind?
  • Inwhat way to reposition your business?
Mr. Kelvin Chan, Director, Strategy Dev Dept, Fosun Hani Securities Limited
Mr. Paul Pong, Managing Director, Pegasus Fund Managers Limited
Ms. Juliette Gimenez, CEO & Founder, Goxip 



城大工商管理尖端論壇呈獻: 鳳凰衛視世紀大講堂
從全球供應鏈變革的視角看一帶一路和 PPP
  • 中國「一帶一路」發展戰略所涉及基建項目,有估算顯示總投資可高達6兆美元。通過「公共及私營伙伴關係」(PPP),政府是否可能解決資金缺口
  • 處於來「投資中國」和「中國投資」的風口,私營企業如何把握融資機遇
嚴厚民教授    管理科學講座教授



Navigating the Future of Supply Chain in Hong Kong
Reshaping Logistics Industry through Disruptive Innovations

What will the future of Hong Kong’s logistics marketplace look like when unprecedented technological breakthroughs continue to make evolutionary impact on customers’ last-mile delivery expectations and drive revolutionary transformation of new business models for collaborative efficiency? Take a closer look at how the answers to this open question provide opportunities for start-ups and scale-ups thru a discussion between a veteran government official and a legendary start-up founder of the sector.

Mr. Shing-yuk Chow, CEO & Founder, LalaMove
Mr. Benjamin Wong, Head of Transport & Industrial, InvestHK, HKSARG  
Mr. Henry Ko, Managing Director, Flexport Asia Ltd.



FinTech - Benefits, Challenges & Prospects in Hong Kong

Financial Technology (FinTech) is making its way into businesses in Hong Kong. The landscape of financial institutions is changing rapidly. Opportunities of FinTech are accompanied by multiple challenges and yet businesses can reap the benefits if they embrace changes. What will the future of Fintech be like and how will it affect you? 

Prof. Frank Tong, CEO, ASTRI
Mr. Alex Kong, CEO & Founder, TNG (Asia) Ltd.  
Prof. Ir. Daniel Cheng, Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Industries 



Mixed Reality Revolution - The Next Big Thing in Marketing
MR is booming and changing the way we see and remember things like never before.
  • Want to know more about Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) applications for various business and event projects?
  • Want to promote products with something amazingly unique to WOW your customers?
  • Want to experience VR simulation devices?
Mr. Deng Hong Chun, Tech leader, 
TMALL Interactive Technology Alliance, Alibaba Group
Mr. Peter Yu, Founder & CEO, JetOne Motions Ltd. 
Mr. Ralph Wong, Director 



Philosophy to Business Success
Making Strategic Decisions in Changing Environment

As the founder of Lan Kwai Fong and former chairman of Ocean Park, Dr Allan Zeman pioneers numerous businesses with strong performance in diverse professions.

What strategies did he implement across society, government institutions, small & large businesses in an ever-changing market?

How does he foresee the future of Hong Kong business environment and positioning? What is his advice for business executives and entrepreneurs to succeed in the next 10-20 years?

Dr. Allan Zeman, GBM, GBS, JP 
Chairman, Lan Kwai Fong Group



ArtificiaI Intelligence: 
End of Humanity or The Beginning of A New Era?

AI is everywhere and its influence is growing exponentially. Dr. Chun will explore the journey of AI research & development, and examine modern AI in layman terms, including technologies such as deep-learning, speech recognition/generation, chatbots, robots, etc. He will share some of his award-winning AI examples created for Hong Kong corporations and look at what the future might hold for AI & humanity.

Mr. Fung will introduce a cloud-based AI system for maintenance – JACC developed by him. JACC visualizes, predicts, and optimizes maintenance operations by leveraging AI, Big Data, IoT, & Machine Learning technology that makes general technicians perform high-skilled maintenance work easily & efficiently. A use case on Bus Infotainment System will also be shared.

Dr. Andy Chun, Asso Prof, Dept of Computer Science, CityU
Mr. Spencer Fung, CEO & Founder, Optix Group 



The Pursuit of New Business Ventures
Breaking through challenges in the start-up process

Empirical evidence indicates that out of four new startups, only one can survive for more than 3 years. Given the high failure rate, what keeps the entrepreneurs moving and overcoming challenges? Join us to learn the views from three entrepreneurs across different generations.

Mr. Thomas Tsang, Chairman & FounderPâtisserie Les Amis
Mr. Ken Law, CEO & Founder, MotherApp
Mr. Eddie Rong, CEO & Co-Founder, Heycoins
Dr. Francis Cheng, Director, Luxbetter Technology

Powering Business Transformation with Big Data

Big data is no longer exclusive to large companies. Though its importance is trite, evidence shows that more than 75% of businesses fail to create values with it. This forum will discuss how companies could efficiently and effectively utilize big data to gain competitive advantages.

Mr. Toa Charm, Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport  Hong Kong
Mr. Jun Yeung, Founder, Viewider Limited, 
Mr. Henry Lee, Consultant, Titto & Jacobs Consulting