Joint Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business Economics
with National Taiwan University

About the programme

Benefits for students

  • Study at the most prestigious Taiwan university as part of undergraduate experience.
  • Enhance intercultural competence in preparation for future career.
  • Gain language fluency in Englsih, Chinese and Mandarin.
  • Receive two Bachelor’s degrees certificates from City University of Hong Kong and from National Taiwan University.

Curriculum design

Study Years 1 & 4 at City University of Hong Kong and Years 2 & 3 at National Taiwan University. Students need to complete the same major throughout the four years. Students have to fulfill all the prescribed academic requirements.


Accepted students will commence their studies at National Taiwan University after Year 1 at City University of Hong Kong and return to City University of Hong Kong after completed Year 3 in National Taiwan Unviersity. Students will have to take the courses taught in English during the two years of study in National Taiwan University.

Financial arrangement

Tuition fee

Students in the programme will pay tuition and fees to the home universtiy, they can apply for the available scholarships.


1. Year-one College of Business students of a government-funded 4-year bachelor's degree programme (Accepted students must be majoring in Business Economics).

2. A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.

3. Able to speak Mandarin (Putonghua) and can read Chinese.


1. Email invitation will be sent to eligible students in January.
2. Shortlisted students will be invited for the selection interview.


For enquiries, please contact General Office of Department of Economics and Finance at 3442 2439 or

National Taiwan University: