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BBA Business Economics (BBABE)

This programme offers students a full undergraduate training in economics, providing a solid foundation in micro and macro-economics, quantitative and statistical methods, and a broad range of elective options. Depending on their interests and career goals, students can develop their expertise in different areas, such as international trade and finance, and banking and financial markets. Students may augment their training from other areas within the College of Business (Finance, Information Systems, Management, Accounting, Management Sciences and Marketing), and have the option to take a double major degree, specializing in two fields of study. The College offers a joint degree program with Columbia University and National Taiwan University enabling students in the program to gain two degrees.

For more information for JUPAS applicants, please visit here.

Programme structure for current students

In the second term of the 2020-2021 academic year the Department of Economics and Finance is offering two courses which have not been available in recent years:

  • EF4480-Industrial Organization
    This course studies how firms compete with each other in markets and industries, and surveys important topics in industrial organization, such as price discrimination, advertising strategy, research and development, collusion, and government regulation.

  • EF3452-Methods in Economic Theory
    This course aims to provide students in economics with the technical training to facilitate learning in upper year courses in both economics and finance and aims to strengthen analytical ability. The course will study a range of topics such as choice under risk, macroeconomic policy multipliers, welfare measures, methods for optimization, evolutionary dynamics and other topics.  The course is suitable for those students with a strong interest in rigorous methods in economic theory and those who have an interest in pursuing graduate study in economics.

Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program

City University offers joint degree programs with Columbia University and National Taiwan University.

Students can apply for our Joint Programme with Columbia University in New York or National Taiwan University in Taipei. Upon graduation and meeting all requirements of the two universities, students will obtain two bachelor's degrees. Financial aid is given and recent Scholarship Awards are here.


Double-Major in the College of Business

City University offers students the option of majoring in two subject areas. The College of Business offers double-major degrees across the six departments of CB. In principle a student may pair any two majors in the absence of scheduling conflicts. Additional information and suggested double majors are given here. The procedure for declaring a double major is here.


Career Prospects

Business economics is playing an increasingly important role in managerial decision making in both private and government sectors. Among the possible career options for an economist are:

Economic Consultant, Economic Researcher, Management Consultant, Corporate Manager, Government Regulatory Agency, Investment Advisor, Private Banker, Real Estate Analyst, Securities and Market Analyst, Economic Journalist

Why study economics?

Until studying a course like economics not a lot of people are aware of how the world works...

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