Why CityU EMBA


Your EMBA for Business Innovation 4.0

Introduction - CityU EMBA
Dr. WONG Chak Sham Michael,
EMBA Programme Director

After the global financial crisis in 2008, business ecosystem underwent tremendous changes.  Ranks of leading companies reshuffled. Many companies transformed their business and regained their market leadership. Some unicorns, evolved from startups in less than 10 years, directly challenged traditional market leaders.  These changes mostly arose from the courage of corporate leaders to make changes and to innovate. Innovation can take place in product design, operational process, business models, market segmentation, product pricing, penetration into a new market, and integration of new technologies.  Given rapid technological changes and international trade tensions, there will be more business disruptions, innovations and transformations for the next decade.

CityU revamps its EMBA programme in 2020/21 in order to nurture a new generation of corporate leaders for fast-changing business ecosystems, with emphasis on Innovation Management, Asia Connect and Financing Strategy.  The programme helps professionals and executives gain insights on how to innovate, to lead transformation and to finance business growth.

Four Asian field studies will be arranged to get close connection with experts and corporate leaders in Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other ASEAN regions. These field studies offer on-site case studies and face-to-face dialogues with transformational leaders. By 2030, both China Mainland and ASEAN will be listed among the world-top 4 economies. Our emphasis on Asia Connect will inspire professionals and executives on how to innovate and connect in the Asian regions.

Looking forward to meeting you in our EMBA activities.  


Dr. WONG Chak Sham Michael
EMBA Programme Director