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14 March 2019

Future Path of Cashless Society in Hong Kong

MBA Industry On-site Workshop – BOC

It was a full-house in CityU SHARP Forum on 14 March 2019 with attendance of over 180 industry professionals, students and academics. Titled “Future Path of Cashless Society in Hong Kong - Which Form of Digital Transactions will Prevail?”, the SHARP Forum invited experts from FinTech giants and analysts from Banking industry including, Mr. Jim LAI, Vice President & Head of FinTech of Tencent Group; Mr. Matthew LEE, APAC Advisory Board Member of Blue Prism; Mr. Ricky CHOI, Senior Economist of Bank of China (Hong Kong); and Mr. Philip LI, Chairman of China Chengxin (Asia Pacific) Credit Ratings Company Limited to discuss this issue. The insightful sharing by the speakers brought much knowledge to our audience on the key issues of the digital transaction systems, such as the features of centralised and decentralised financial platform. The forum was well-received and ended with a fruitful panel discussion and a Question-and-Answer session.