Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System
Master of Science in Marketing
Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Requirements

Level of Education and DisciplineAm I still eligible to apply for admission to this programme if I do not have any education background relevant to marketing?
Yes. Holders of a recognized bachelor degree in any discipline are welcome to apply for this programme.
Working ExperienceDo you prefer applicants with working experiences? Can I apply for the programme if I am a fresh graduate? What if I do not have any working experience relevant to marketing?
Possessing relevant working experience is preferable. Yet, applicants who do not possess any working experience (i.e. fresh graduates) are also welcome to apply. Final selections are determined by a selection panel based on factors such as the applicants and potential in marketing and business industry.
Other Entry RequirementsIs Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) required?
No, GMAT is not required in applying for our programme.