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Students/Alumni Sharing

Ke Wang, PhD in Accountancy 2015
Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Alberta, Canada

This is the fifth and also the final year since I entered into the Ph.D. program offered by Department of Accountancy in late August of 2010. Earlier in the current academic year, I went onto the job market, and secured a tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of Accounting at University of Alberta.

Over the past several years, I have benefited a lot from our Ph.D. program and our department. On the first day of my Ph.D. life, the Ph.D. program coordinator in our department at that time told me that the purpose of our program is to place students to decent research universities. The coursework arranged by our department is very useful and, I believe, the seminar courses on accounting research are comparable with those offered by top schools in North America. From the coursework, I learned how to get into the extant literature, how to generate research ideas, and how to get out of the extant literature to appreciate and critique it from different angles. My supervisor and co-supervisor are very serious about and successful in accounting research. More importantly, they are very nice people, generous in appreciating my work and making me confident about myself. Their guidance, advice, and encouragement are the most important factors for my survival and success in the competitive job market. Moreover, I believe the research environment in our department is one of the best in the world. People always help each other, but never fight with each other. To some extent, most benefits of such a good environment accrue to Ph.D. students, because we can learn and get help from all faculty members in our department. Also, the administrative team of our department is very efficient. Overall, our department is like a family, with everyone caring about and helping others.

Taking together my Ph.D. study at City University of Hong Kong and my undergraduate study at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, this is already the ninth year since I came to Hong Kong. Comparing Hong Kong with my home city Beijing, I can hardly say which city is better or which city I prefer to living in. Hong Kong is so convenient, and is probably one of the few cities (if not the only one) in the world where you can buy anything for your everyday use within easy walking distance. This is highly important for my survival and success in the Ph.D. study, because I could concentrate all my efforts on academic research, without worrying about anything else.

Given all of the above, I would like to caution that I regard the quality of our Ph.D. program, the research environment of our department, and the easy life in Hong Kong as the necessary conditions of my survival and success, but not the sufficient conditions.  The quality of a Ph.D. journey highly depends on each individual’s characteristics and experiences. No one can repeat others’ Ph.D. life, but everyone just has his or her own, unique Ph.D. life. Good luck!

Weiguo Zhong, PhD in Marketing 2014
Assistant Professor, Guanghua School of Management, Beijing University, China

CityU is where my dreams of academic set sail! I joined CityU in the fall of 2009 after a meeting worthy of eternal memories with Professor Chenting Su and Professor Zhilin Yang. I received my PhD degree from Department of Marketing on 14 Feb. 2014 (my best present for the Valentine's Day). Then, I joined Guanghua School of Management as an Assistant Professor at Beijing University.

I have experienced a wonderful five-year journey with many brilliant people in CityU. The whole process has been challenging yet rewarding. Professors in our department persistently reminded me what kind of scholar students should become. Their wisdom, perseverance, vision, and commitment to high quality have tremendously stimulated me to pursue innovative and impactful research. Moreover, they are sustaining diligent, self-discipline with high-standard, and always ready for help. They really set an excellent example for me as a professor and a teacher. I believe they have really achieved the mission of CityU, to teach and to pass the baton.

In addition, I always miss the great time that I have spent together with my dear fellow Ph.D. students and friends. Academic Building, Lion Rock, Kowloon Tong MTR Station, and Festival Walk....They have carried too much memory of our life. Finally, special thanks should go to the administrative staff of CityU and Department of Marketing. They offer their great help with tolerance and considerations in everywhere and at every moment! They are the best team, not just one of the best, in the world.

CityU is also where my dreams of life set sail! Simon, my dear son, was just a fertilized ovum when I started the journey in CityU. He is five-year old now. He gives me a lot of fun and always reminds me where I started in life. Moreover, before my leave from CityU, Catherine, my lovely daughter, came to the world! It's the alma mater CityU who makes my life have a great starting!

CityU is my home, CityU is my mum, love my home forever, and love my mum forever!

Wai Man Chow, PhD in Economics & Finance 2008
Portfolio Strategist, BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limited, Hong Kong

I have been working in financial industry after graduating from PhD in Finance program at City U. Through the courses taken in the program , I not only acquired professional knowledge in the industry, but also enhanced my research skill training. The program conducted a lot of seminars inviting market practitioners from top financial institutions, which was really helpful in building up networking and getting up to date market knowledge in the industry! Through this well training, it really helps me in developing my successful career in quantitative and risk management area.

Dongming Xu, PhD in Information Systems 2004
Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, Business School, University of Queensland, Australia 

I received my PhD degree in 2004 under Professor Huaiqing Wang’s guidance. Professor Wang is very active in research, and he made my experiences at CityU enjoyable by fostering a learning atmosphere. My doctoral experience at CityU has been one of my most exciting and rewarding periods of my life.

Reflecting back on my time in the PhD program in IS department at CityU, there were three particular features that I think make it outstanding. First and foremost, the IS department at CityU is committed to providing its students with a robust education in research and teaching. Second, I have had the resources to explore my specific interests and to attend the most prestigious international conferences. Lastly, the faculty and other PhD students have proven themselves great collaborators and mentors. In the beginning of the program, as a new PhD student, I was disoriented and intimidated. But the professional yet friendly climate among professors and the senior PhD students quickly became evident. During the four years study at CityU, I have fostered valuable academic relationships and research-rich learning experiences. Studying at CityU has opened up a world of opportunity for me.

Yongheng Yang, PhD in Management Sciences 2004
Professor and Associate Dean of School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, China

I joined the City University of Hong Kong in the fall of 2000, pursuing my PhD under Prof. Yervan Hui in the Department of Management Sciences. It was not only the first but also the most important studying experience for me out of Mainland China. When I first got to the campus, I was deeply impressed with the modern and international university with distinguished professors from all over the world.

My study in the MS department has made a solid foundation for my career development. Here, I truly learned a lot from the well-designed curricula. My thesis project under the guidance of Prof. Hui was also a great research experience to me. I really appreciate City U for bringing me to the academic career path. Every achievement in my career cannot be realized without my training in City U.

CityU is also the place where I also harvest my love. During my stay in City U, I got to know my wife-to-be, who was studying as PhD in the Department of Economics and Finance. We finally got married several years after graduating from City U. Now, she is also a successful professional in the financial industry in Hong Kong.

The experience in City U is the most beautiful and unforgettable in my life. I’m so lucky to have a chance to study in City University of Hong Kong. It’s the starting point of my career and family.

Haiyang Li, PhD in Management 1998.
Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, USA.

My years in the Ph.D. program in the Department of Management of City University of Hong Kong were among the most professionally rewarding and personally enjoyable years of my life. I enjoyed the stimulating environment where doctoral students had the opportunity of working closely and equally with faculty members. This environment made me feel excited about becoming a professor. Equally important, because of the restricted size of the program, I learnt a lot from talented cohorts many of whom became my lifetime friends. I believe that my professional achievements have attested to the exceptional quality of this program.