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The 2015 Asian Conference of Management Science and Applications (ACMSA2015) was held on September 12-16 in Dalian. The aim of ACMSA2015 is to provide a forum for exchanging the latest research results related to management science and its applications among researchers and practitioners within and beyond the Asian region. This year ACMSA 2015 attracted more than 230 scholars from US, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Mainland China, etc.

Prof. Chen Youhua Frank attended the conference and gave a keynote speech entitled "On Advance Booking of Semi-urgent and Stable Out-patients". In this keynote speech, Prof. Chen introduced the healthcare operation systems of Hong Kong and its major problems, especially the long waiting time in Ambulatory Care Center of public hospitals. For this issue, Prof. Chen characterized the optimal appointment scheduling policy for both semi-urgent and regular patients and developed some easy-to-implement heuristics which perform well in simulation studies. 

Two MS PhD students, Mr. Zhang Kun and Zhu Han also attended the conference. Mr. Zhu Han won the Student Best Paper Award with his paper "Strategic Quality Information Disclosure for Service Systems with Bounded Rational Customers".