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Date Subject Publisher
2017-03-10 Seminar by Dr. Zhichao Zheng on Mar 17, 2017 [More]  
2017-03-10 Seminar by Mr. Alex Wong on Mar 10, 2017 [More]  
2017-02-14 Seminar by Dr. Zhenzhen Wang on Jan 14, 2017 [More]  
2017-01-18 Seminar by Dr. Huiying Ouyang on Jan 25, 2017 [More]  
2017-01-11 Seminar by Dr. Xiaofang Wang on Jan 13, 2017 [More]  
2016-08-30 Seminar by Dr. Terrence Murphy on Aug 30, 2016  
2016-08-19 RGC On-site Review Visit held in CityU  
2016-08-02 Dr. Pang Zhan gave a Keynote speech at a symposium on DRGs and medical big data research organised by West China Hospital, Sichuan University from 25th to 29th July, 2016  
2016-07-07 Dr. Wong Zoie is serving as a Track Program Committee (TPC) for the Healthcare Applications track of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference.[More]  
2016-06-11 Prof. Chen Youhua Frank was the Cluster Chair for Global Health in the INFORMS 2016 International Conference from 11th to 15th June, 2016 [More]  
2016-05-08 Prof. Chen Youhua Frank and Prof. Pan Zhang was the Keynote speaker for the International Conference on Big Data-Driven Healthcare Operations and Logistics Management held on 8th to 22th May 2016. [More]  
2016-04-01 International Research Conference on Systems Engineering and Management Science 2016 (IRC-SEMS 2016) was held from 1st to 2nd April, 2016 [More]  
2015-12-16 Prof. Yao David D. was the Keynote speaker for the International Forum on Data Analytics on 16th December, 2015 [More]  
2015-12-9 Workshop in Risk, Reliability, and Data Science was organised from 9th to 10th December, 2015 [More]  
2015-11-20 Joint Seminar by HKU and CityU in November 2015.   [More]  
2015-09-12 Prof. Chen Youhua Frank gave a keynote speech at ACMSA on 12th to 15th September 2015. [More]  
2015-07-22 A team of around 15 people (participants include team members and their students from CUHK, CityU, PolyU and HKUST) visited Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) on 22 July 2015.  
2015-06-21 The 2015 International Conference on Healthcare and Management [More]  
2015-04-15 Two seminars held at HKU on 15th April and 29th April 2015.   [More]  
2015-03-19 Progress Meeting held at CityU on 19th March 2015.  [More]  
2015-02-05 Prof. Yao, David D. has been elected to National Academy of Engineering. [More]  
2015-01-06 Seminar by Prof. Derek Atkins on Jan. 6, 2015. [More]  
2014-11-17 Prof. TANG Jiafu visited Department of Management Sicences, CityU, from Nov.17-23, 2014. [More]  
2014-08-25 International Workshop on Healthcare Operations Management was organized on 25th-26th August 2014 at Sichuan China.  [More]  
2014-08-19 Healthcare Research Speed Networking Workshop was organized on 19th August 2014.  [More]  
2014-07-08  Research Grant Council (RGC) approved our Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) project on health care with a grant amount of HKD 20.45 million.