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Department of Management Sciences

Predicting and Understanding Medium Term Occupancy Congestion at Acute Care Facilities


Professor Derek Atkins

E.D. MacPhee Professor of Operations and Operations Research

 Sauder School

University of British Columbia 


We were requested to develop a methodology for both predicting and understanding the causes of over capacity (termed congestion) in the medium term (2-6 weeks) at acute hospitals. The importance of medium term prediction lies in the nature of the mitigating levers available to management. If congestion could be reasonably predicted 2-6 weeks ahead, this would give the management enough time to deploy mitigating strategies such as: opening unfunded beds, buying short term capacity for downstream residential and home care services, postponing planned surgeries, or discharge planning to name a few. 


Prof. Derek Atkins is the E.D. MacPhee Professor of Operations and Operations Research at Sauder School, UBC. He holds a B.A. in Math from Oxford University, a M.S. in Operations Research from Lancaster University, and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from University of Warwick. He served as Dean pro tem (1997-1999) and Director of the Centre of Operations Excellence (2005-2011) at Sauder. He also served as Associate Vice President Academic and Research (1999-2004), Acting Provost and VP Academic at UBC. Prof. Atkins’s primary research interests include operations management and operations research in health care, supply chain management, and applied operations research. He has served as MSOM inaugural editorial panel and Associate Editor of Management Science, Operations Research and POMS. Prof. Atkins was also the recipient of Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) Award of Merit (for lifetime contribution).

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