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Professor Yan Houmin, Dean
Professor Houmin Yan, Dean

The College is a globally-oriented business school at the centre of a thriving region in Hong Kong, China. We offer world class teaching and research facilities at our main Kowloon campus, conveniently placed in the heart of Hong Kong. Our aim is to be a leading Business Education Hub, in China for the world. We aspire to deliver leadership in applied business research and education which reflects the region's longstanding strengths.

This is an exciting time and 2014 is proving to be a year of challenges and opportunities for all of us at the College of Business. Our BBA 4-year undergraduate curriculum has been introduced featuring a Discovery-enriched Curriculum with an emphasis on innovation, advanced scholarship, and community-related activities. The new BBA programme structure has been benchmarked against international standards and new courses on macro economics, managerial accounting, statistics, programming, communications, and law have been introduced. The broadened curriculum offers more flexibility in studies, the option of doing two majors within the four year period, and a wide range of Gateway Education courses.

Our MBA has recently been restructured with SHARP strategies, and professional elective streams of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Information Management. The new MBA teaching facilities in AC3 are designed to improve networking and student-teacher interaction, and MBA students can now also enjoy a range of scholarships catering to various needs.

Our new home in AC3 offers state-of-the-art facilities on six floors. So far the offices of the College and the Department of Accounting have moved, with the Management, and Marketing departmental offices to come. There are also MBA, EMBA and DBA facilities, so all in all this constitutes a very significant upgrade in the facilities that we can offer our students, clients, and colleagues.

On the research side, the College is currently ranked within the top 50 business schools worldwide according to the UTD Top 100 B-school Research Rankings. Our interdisciplinary approach is flexible and dynamic. The recently launched China Business and Economic Development Research Centre and Centre for Social Media Marketing and Business Intelligence are designed to support groundbreaking research and teaching.

Finally, executive education is expanding, and we are proud to nurture strong partnerships with prospering Asia businesses as well as international academic partners worldwide.

We have launched City Business Magazine, reflecting our identity as a business college open for business to ideas and innovation from all over the world. We welcome you to our new magazine which you can find at

Please enjoy exploring our website which will lead you to a thrilling encounter with the College - and our many prominent academics and researchers, students and alumni who are ready to share their expertise and experience. And if you are studying with us this year, welcome to the College!

Professor Yan Houmin
Professor Houmin Yan