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Recent SCI/SSCI/UTD Publications

* Showing list of papers which are published/reported since year 2016. A maximum of 5 per staff.

aaalimov Dr. Azizjon ALIMOV
Assistant Professor
  • Alimov and Officer (2017), "Intellectual property rights and cross-border mergers and acquisitions", Journal of Corporate Finance, Elsevier, 45, 360-377.
  • Alimov (February 2016), "Product market effects of real estate collateral", Journal of Corporate Finance, Elsevier, 36, 75-92.

sykwack Dr. So Yean KWACK
Assistant Professor
  • S. Balsam, S.Y. Kwack, and J.Y. Lee (August 2017), "Network connections, CEO compensation and involuntary turnover: The impact of a friend of a friend", Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 45, pp. 220-244.

kingkli Dr. King King LI
Assistant Professor
  • King King Li (August 2017), "How does language affect decision-making in social interactions and decision biases?", accepted by Journal of Economic Psychology, 61, 15-28, forthcoming.
  • King King Li and Toru Suzuki (2016), "Jury Voting without Objective Probability", Social Choice and Welfare, 46, 2, 389-406.

mgandrew Dr. Andrew CHAN
Associate Professor

bingli Dr. Bing LI
Assistant Professor
  • Li, B. and Z. Liu (May 2017), "The oversight role of regulators: Evidence from SEC comment letters in the IPO process", accepted by Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.

yanmigao Dr. Yanmin GAO
Assistant Professor
  • Gao, Y., J.-B. Kim, D. Tsang and H. Wu (March 2017), "Go Before the Whistle Blows: An Empirical Analysis of Director Turnover and Financial Fraud", Review of Accounting Studies, Vol. 22, Iss. 1, pp. 320-360.
  • Anglin, P. M. and Y. Gao (January 2016), "The Dynamics of Incentives, Productivity, and Operational Risk", The BE Journal of Theoretical Economics, Vol. 16, Iss. 1, pp. 181-215.

youhchen Prof. Youhua Frank CHEN
Head (MS)
Chair Professor
  • Xue W.L., O., Caliskan-Demirag, Frank Y. Chen and Y. Yang (March 2017), "Managing Retail Shelf and Backroom Inventories when Demand Depends on Shelf-Stock Level", Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming.

raylau Dr. Yiu Keung Raymond LAU
Associate Professor
  • Yang Gao, Yuefeng Li, Raymond Y.K. Lau, Yue Xu, Md Abul Bashar, (September 2017), "Finding Semantically Valid and Relevant Topics by Association-based Topic Selection Model", ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 9, 4, Article 22.
  • H. Yuan, W. Xu, Q. Li, R.Y.K. Lau (February 2017), "Topic sentiment mining for sales performance prediction in e-commerce", Annals of Operations Research, 1-24, Article in Press.
  • X. Du, Y. Ye, R.Y.K. Lau, Y. Li, X. Huang (June 2016), "Multi-opinion Ring: Visualizing and predicting multiple opinion orientations in online social media", Multimedia Tools and Applications,, 75, 12, 7159-7186.
  • Hui Yuan, Raymond Y.K. Lau, Wei Xu (November 2016), "The Determinants of Crowdfunding Success: A Semantic Text Analytics Approach", Decision Support Systems, 91, 67–76.
  • Y. Cai, W.H. Chen, H.F. Leung, Q. Li, H. Xie, R.Y.K. Lau, H. Min, F.L. Wang (October 2016), "Context-aware ontologies generation with basic level concepts from collaborative tags", Neurocomputing, 208, 25-38.

ahysuh Dr. Ayoung SUH
Assistant Professor
  • Suh, A., and Lee, J. (January 2017), "Understanding Teleworkers’ Technostress and Its Influence on Job Satisfaction", Internet Research, 27, 1, 140-159.
  • Suh, A., Wagner, C., and Liu, L. (2017), "Enhancing User Engagement through Gamification", accepted by Journal of Computer Information Systems, forthcoming.
  • Suh, A., and Wagner, C. (May 2017), "How Gamification of an Enterprise Collaboration System Increases Knowledge Contribution: An Affordance Approach", Journal of Knowledge Management, 21, 2, 416-431.
  • Suh, A., Cheung, C., Ahuja, M., and Wagner, C. (June 2017), "Gamification in the Workplace: The Central Role of the Aesthetic Experience", Journal of Management Information Systems, 34, 1, 268-305.

isrobert Prof. Robert M DAVISON
Assistant Dean (Assurance of Learning)

jeffhong Prof. Jeff HONG
Chair Professor
  • L. Jeff Hong, SandeepJuneja, and Guangwu Liu. (2017), "Kernel smoothing for nested estimation with application to portfolio risk measurement", Operations Research, 65, 3, 657-673.
  • Weiwei Fan, L. Jeff Hong, and Barry L. Nelson (November 2016), "Indifference-zone-free selection of the best", Operations Research, 64, 1499-1514.

jingwu49 Dr. Jing WU
Assistant Professor

yelu22 Dr. Ye LU
Assistant Dean (PhD Programme)
Associate Professor

xinli24 Dr. Xin LI
Associate Professor
  • Shaokun Fan, Xin Li, and Leon Zhao (2017), "Collaboration Process Pattern Approach to Improving Teamwork Performance: A Data Mining-Based Methodology", INFORMS Journal on Computing, (forthcoming).
  • Weiyun Chen, Xin Li, and Daniel Zeng (2017), "Modelling Fixed Odds Betting for Future Event Prediction", MIS Quarterly, (forthcoming).
  • Xin Li and Alex Wang (2017), "The Technology and Economic Determinants of Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates: The Case of Bitcoin", Decision Support Systems, 95, 49-60.
  • Haidong Zhang, Wancheng Ni, Xin Li, and Yiping Yang (2017), "Modeling the Heterogeneous Process of User Interest Transition in Time-dependent Recommendation: A Hidden Semi-Markov Approach", IEEE Transactions on Systems Man Cybernetics-Systems, (forthcoming).
  • Xin Li, Kun Chen, Sherry Sun, Terrance Fung, Huaiqing Wang, and Daniel Zeng (2016), "A Commonsense Knowledge-enabled Textual Analysis Approach for Financial Market Surveillance", INFORMS Journal on Computing, 28, 2, 278-294.

yiminyu Dr. Yimin YU
Assistant Professor
  • Y. Yu, B. Shou, Y, Ni, L. Chen (2017), "Optimal Production, Pricing, and Substitution Policies in Continuous Review Production-Inventory Systems", accepted by European Journal of Operational Research, forthcoming.
  • Y. Yang, Y. Yu, T. Huang (2017), "Myopic Analysis for Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems with Batch Ordering and Nonstationary/Time-Correlated Demands", Production and Operations Management, 26, 1, 31–46.

liwechen Dr. Liwen CHEN
Assistant Professor
  • Liwen Chen, Steve Gilbert, Yusen Xia (2017), "Product Line Extensions and Technology Licensing with a Strategic Supplier", accepted by Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.

qianqliu Dr. Ben LIU
Assistant Professor
  • Liu. B. Q., and Karahanna E. (2017), "The Dark Side of Reviews: The Swaying Effects of Online Product Reviews on Attribute Preferences Construction", accepted by MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.

hailchen Dr. Hailiang CHEN
Assistant Professor
  • Lee, Joon Mahn, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, Hailiang Chen (2017), "Are Founder CEOs more Overconfident than Professional CEOs? Evidence from S&P 1500 Companies", Strategic Management Journal, 38, 3, 751-769,

mgyang Dr. Jane YANG
Associate Professor
  • Chi, N. W., Yang, J., & Lin, C. Y. (2017), "Service Workers' Chain Reactions to Daily Customer Mistreatment: Behavioral Linkages, Mechanisms, and Boundary Conditions", accepted by Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, forthcoming.

guanliu Dr. Guangwu LIU
Associate Professor
  • Hong, L. J., S. Juneja, and G. Liu (2017), "Kernel smoothing for nested estimation with application to portfolio risk measurement", accepted by Operations Research, forthcoming.
  • Tong, S. and G. Liu (2016), "Importance sampling for option Greeks with discontinuous payoffs", Informs Journal on Computing, 28, 2, 223-235.

wonsaryu Dr. Wonsang RYU
Assistant Professor
  • Wonsang Ryu, Brian T. McCann, & Jeffrey J. Reuer "Geographic Co-location of Partners and Rivals: Implications for the Design of R&D Alliances", accepted by Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming.

yuzheng Dr. Yu ZHENG
Assistant Professor
  • Yu Zheng "The Role of Education Signaling in Explaining the Growth of the College Wage Premium", accepted by Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.

kaflam Dr. Catherine K LAM
Associate Professor
  • Ma, Z., Long, L., Zhang, Y., Zhang, J., & Lam, C. K. "Why do high-performance human resource practices matter for team creativity? The mediating role of collective efficacy and knowledge sharing.", accepted by Asia Pacific Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Deng, H., Kwok, L., Lam, C. K., & Huang, X. "Slacking off in comfort: A dual-pathway model for psychological safety climate.", accepted by Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Deng., H., Walter, F., Lam, C. K., & Zhao, H. "Spillover effects of emotional labor in customer service encounters toward coworker harming: A resource depletion perspective", accepted by Personnel Psychology, forthcoming.
  • Lam, C. K., Huang, X., Walter, F., & Chan, S. (2016), "Coworkers' relationship quality and interpersonal emotions in team-members dyads in China: The moderating role of cooperative team goals.", Management and Organization Review, 12, 687-716.

Mr. Long SONG
Senior Research Assistant
  • Long Song, Raymond Y.K. Lau, Ron C.W. Kwok, Kristijan Mirkovski, Wenyu Dou (October 2016), "Who are the spoilers in social media marketing? Incremental learning of latent semantics for social spam detection", Electronic Commerce Research, Springer.

eeloter Dr. Terence C.H. CHEUNG
Systems Manager

jeffwang Dr. Jianfeng Jeff WANG
Assistant Professor
  • Wang, J. and C. Zhang (December 2016), "The Impact of Value Congruence on Marketing Channel Relationship", Industrial Marketing Management, forthcoming.
  • Wang, J., J. Li and J. Chang (September 2016), "Product co-development in an emerging market: The role of buyer-supplier compatibility and institutional environment", Journal of Operations Management, 69-83.

msgtso Dr. Kwok Fai Geoffrey TSO
Associate Head (MS)
Associate Professor
  • Song LL, Tso G, Lo HP, and Hua ZS (2017), "A dynamic multiple-variety choice adaption model", Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 46, 1, 515-529.
  • Jin Li, Geoffrey K.F. Tso, and Fangtao Liu (September 2016), "Profitability and rationality in online entertainment shopping: The impacts of bidding patterns and characteristics", accepted by Electronic Markets, Online version:, forthcoming.

pdapreve Dr. Daniel PREVE
Assistant Professor

yaxuanqi Dr. Yaxuan QI
Associate Professor

mkzyang Prof. Zhilin YANG
  • Wang, Yonggui, Na Wang, Ling Jiang, Zhilin Yang, and Victor Cui (September 2016), "Managing Relationships with Power Advantage Buyers: The Role of Supplier Initiated Bonding Tactics in Long-Term Buyer-Supplier Collaborations", accepted by Journal of Business Research, 69, 12, 5587-5596, forthcoming.
  • Hu, Qinfang, Fiona Chan, Guangling Zhang and Yang, Zhilin (July 2016), "The Joint-Liability Mechanism: Controlling Opportunism through Peer Monitoring among Chinese Supplier Groups", Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 31, 5, 640-653.
  • Ling Jiang, Minjoon Jun, and Yang, Zhilin (May 2016), "Customer Perceived Value and Loyalty: How Do Key Service Quality Dimensions Matter in the Context of B2C e-Commerce?", Service Business: An International Journal, 10, 2, 301-317.
  • Zhang, Chuang, Guijun Zhuang, Zhilin Yang, and Yang Zhang (June 2016), "Brand Loyalty versus Store Loyalty: Consumers' Role in Determining Dependence Structure of Supplier-Retailer Dyad", accepted by Journal of Business-To-Business Marketing, forthcoming.

weiquan Dr. Weiquan WANG
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programmes)
Associate Professor
  • Z. Jiang, Weiquan Wang, BCY Tan, and J. Yu (June 2016), "The Determinants and Impacts of Aesthetics in Users’ First Interaction with Websites", Journal of Management Information Systems, 33, 1, 229-259.
  • Weiquan Wang, L. Qiu, D. Kim, and I. Benbasat (June 2016), "Effects of Rational and Social Appeals of Online Recommendation Agents on Cognition- and Affect-based Trust", Decision Support Systems, 86, 48-60.
  • Weiquan Wang, Izak Benbasat (September 2016), "An Empirical Assessment of Alternative Designs for Enhancing Different Types of Trusting Beliefs in Online Recommendation Agents", Journal of Management Information Systems, 33, 3, 744-775.

efjuncai Dr. Jun CAI
Associate Professor

efxpwu Dr. Xueping WU
Associate Professor

iscl Prof. Choon Ling SIA
Head (IS)
  • Ma, Y. Y., Sia, C. L., Li, Y., and Zheng, S. Y. (July 2016), "Sources of resources, alliance green management, and alliance performance in an emerging economy", Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier, 139, 319-327., Impact Factor 4.959; 5-Year Impact Factor 5.315.
  • Yang, J., Sia, C. L., Liu, L. and Chen, H. (June 2016), "Sellers versus Buyers: Differences in User Information Sharing on Social Commerce Sites", Information Technology and People, 29, 2, 444-470.

zhanpang Dr. Zhan PANG
Associate Professor
  • Dong Li and Zhan Pang (February 2017), "Dynamic booking control for car rental revenue management: A decomposition approach", European Journal of Operational Research, 256, 3, 850-867.
  • Xuying Zhao, Zhan Pang and Kathryn E. Steck (June 2016), "When does advance selling benefit manufacturer, retailer or both?", Production and Operations Management, 25, 6, 1073-1087.
  • Pedro Crespo Del Granado, Zhan Pang and Stein W. Wallace (May 2016), "Synergy of smart grids and hybrid distributed generation on the value of energy storage", Applied Energy, 170, 476-488.

keongkim Dr. Keong Tae KIM
Assistant Professor
  • Keongtae Kim, Anandasivam Gopal, and Gerard Hoberg (June 2016), "Does Product Market Competition Drive CVC Investment? Evidence from the U.S. IT Industry", Information Systems Research, 27, 2, 259-281.

acmleung Dr. Chung Man Alvin LEUNG
Assistant Professor
  • A Agarwal, ACM Leung, P Konana, A Kumar (Forthcoming), "Cosearch Attention and Stock Return Predictability in Supply-Chains", Information Systems Research.

xindozhu Dr. Xindong ZHU
Assistant Professor
  • Fung, S., K. K. Raman and X. Zhu (August 2017), "Does the PCAOB International Inspection Program Improve Audit Quality for Non-US-listed Foreign Clients?", Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol. 64, No. 1, pp. 15-36.
  • Kim, Y., L. Su and X. Zhu (June 2017), "Does Quarterly Earnings Guidance Cessation Reduce Investors' Short-termism?", Review of Accounting Studies, Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 715-752.
  • Fung, S., G. Zhou and X. Zhu (April 2016), "Monitor Objectivity with Important Clients: Evidence from Auditor Opinions around the World", Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 47, No. 3, pp. 263-294.

chonwang Dr. Chong WANG
Assistant Professor
  • Xin Li, Chong (Alex) Wang (March 2017), "The Technology and Economic Determinants of Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates: The Case of Bitcoin", Decision Support Systems, 95, 49-60.
  • Chong (Alex) Wang, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, Il-Horn Hann "Socially Nudged: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Friends’ Social Influence in Online Product Ratings", accepted by Information Systems Research, forthcoming.
  • Yili Hong, Chong (Alex) Wang, Paul A. Pavlou (March 2016), "Comparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Evidence from Online Labor Markets", Information Systems Research, 27, 1, 49-69.

cmlouie Mr. Hong Ming Louie WONG
Visiting Fellow
  • Wong, L.H.M., Ou, C.X.J., Davison, R.M., Zhu, H. and Zhang, C. (September 2016), "Web 2.0 and Communication Processes at Work: Evidence from China", IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 59, 3, 230-243.
  • Ou, C.X.J., Davison, R.M. and Wong, L.H.M. (March 2016), "Using Interactive Systems for Knowledge Sharing: The Impact of Individual Contextual Preferences in China", Information & Management, 53, 2, 145-156.

efykkwan Dr. Yum Keung Fred KWAN
Associate Professor

yinli6 Dr. Yin, Jay LI
Assistant Professor

mskyau Prof. Kai Wing Kelvin YAU
Associate Dean (SGS)
  • Tang L, Lee A H, Binns C W, Hui Y V and Yau K K W (March 2016), "Consumption of Chinese herbal medicines during pregnancy and postpartum: A prospective cohort study in China", Midwifery, United Kingdom, Vol. 34, pp, 205-210.
  • Zhang G, Yau K K W, Zhang X and Li Y (February 2016), "Traffic accidents involving fatigue driving and their extent of casualties", Accident Analysis and Prevention, United Kingdom, Vol. 87, pp. 34-42.
  • Mao Y, Sun L, Xie J and Yau K K W (November 2016), "Epidemiological features and spatio-temporal clusters of hand-foot-mouth disease at town level in Fuyang, Anhui Province, China (2008-2013)", Epidemiology and Infection, USA, Vol. 144, pp. 3184-3197.

efyan Dr. Kit Ming Isabel YAN
Assistant Dean (Career Services)
Associate Professor
  • Isabel Yan (with Terence Tai-Leung Chong, Haiqiang Cheny, Tsz Nga Wong) (2017), "Estimation and Inference of Threshold Regression Models with Measurement Errors", accepted by Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, forthcoming.
  • Isabel Yan (with Michael Kumhof) (February 2016), "Balance-of-Payments Anti-Crises", Journal of Macroeconomics, 48, 186-202.
  • Isabel Yan, Eline Korenromp and Eran Bendavid (2016), "Antiretroviral Treatment Scale-up and Tuberculosis Mortality in High TB/HIV Burden Countries: An Econometric Analysis", PLOS ONE,

liazhang Prof. Liandong ZHANG
  • Ljungqvist, A., L. Zhang and L. Zuo (June 2017), "Sharing Risk with the Government: How Taxes Affect Corporate Risk Taking", Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 55, No. 3, 669-707.
  • Cen, L., E. Maydew, L. Zhang and L. Zuo (February 2017), "Customer-Supplier Relationships and Corporate Tax Avoidance", Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 123, No. 2, 377–394.
  • Kim, J-B and L. Zhang (March 2016), "Accounting Conservatism and Stock Price Crash Risk: Firm-Level Evidence", Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 33, No. 1, 412-441.
  • Kim, J-B, Z. Wang and L. Zhang (December 2016), "CEO Overconfidence and Stock Price Crash Risk", Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 33, No. 4, 1720-1749.
  • Kim, C. F. and L. Zhang (March 2016), "Corporate Political Connections and Tax Aggressiveness", Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 78-114.

cheongyi Prof. Cheong Heon YI
Acting Head (AC)

kycleung Dr. Ka Yui Charles LEUNG
Associate Professor
  • Tang, Sam Hak Kan and Charles Ka Yui Leung (December 2016), "The deep historical roots of macroeconomic volatility", Economic Record, 92, 299, 568-589, (also circulated as working paper #271, Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Discussion Paper 967, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University).

yangxiyu Dr. Yangxin YU
Associate Professor
  • Qian C., X. Geng, H. Wang and Y. Yu (April 2017), "Rent Appropriation of Knowledge-based Assets and Firm Performance when Institutions are Weak", Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 38, Iss. 4, pp. 892–911.
  • Yu, Y. and J. Zhang (October 2016), "Does Board Independence Affect Audit Fees? Evidence from Recent Regulatory Reforms", European Accounting Review, Vol. 25, Iss. 4, pp. 793-814.
  • Lu, L., G. Shailer and Y. Yu (June 2016), "Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and the Value of Cash Holdings", accepted by European Accounting Review, forthcoming.
  • Lu, L., S. Wu and Y. Yu (December 2016), "Investment-related Pressure and Audit Risk", accepted by Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, forthcoming.
  • Kim, J.-B., L. Li, L. Lu and Y. Yu (April-May 2016), "Financial Statement Comparability and Expected Crash Risk", Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 61, Iss. 2-3, pp. 294-312.

hoyingfu Dr. Ho Ying FU
Associate Professor
  • Lam, S. Y., Fu, J. H. Y., & Li, D. (accepted for publication). (September 2017), "The influence of thematic product displays on consumers: An elaboration-based account", Psychology and Marketing.
  • Fu, J. H. Y., Zhang, Z. X., Li, F., & Leung, Y. K. (November 2016), "Opening the mind: Effect of culture mixing on acceptance of organizational change", Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 47(10), 1361-1372.

juafeng Dr. Juan FENG
Associate Professor
  • Liu, Yang and Juan Feng and Xiuwu, Liao (Accepted), "When Online Review Meet Sales Volume Information: Is More/Accurate Information Always Better?", Information System Research.
  • Ruyi Ge, Juan Feng, Bin Gu (accepted), "Predicting and Deterring Default with Social Media Information in P2P Lending", Journal of Management Information Systems.
  • Zhongju Zhang, Juan Feng (accepted), "Price with Unauthorized Distribution Channels: An Analytical Model and Empirical Analysis", Information Systems Research.

kyounkim Dr. Kyoung Yong KIM
Assistant Professor
  • Kim, K. Y., & Patel, P. C. (January 2017), "Employee ownership and firm performance: A variance decomposition analysis of European firms", Journal of Business Research, 70, 248-254.
  • Atwater, L., Kim, K. Y., Witt, A., Callison, K., Latheef, Z., Elkins, T., & Zheng, D. (June 2016), "Reactions to abusive supervision: Examining the roles of emotions and gender in the USA", The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 27, 16, 1874-1899.
  • Kim, K. Y., Eisenberger, R., & Baik, K. B. (May 2016), "Perceived organizational support and affective organizational commitment: Moderating influence of perceived organizational competence", Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37, 4, 558-583.
  • Kim, K. Y., Atwater, L., Patel, P. C., & Smither, J. W. (November 2016), "Multisource feedback, human capital, and the financial performance of organizations", Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 11, 1569-1584.

isron Dr. Chi Wai Ron KWOK
Dean of Students
Associate Professor
  • Song Long, Lau Y.K. Raymond, Kwok C.W. Ron, Mirkovski Kristijan, and Dou Wenyu (In Press), "Who Are the Spoilers in Social Media Marketing? Incremental Learning of Latent Semantics for Social Spam Detection", Electronic Commerce Research.
  • Law Monica, Kwok C.W. Ron, and Ng Mark (In Press), "An Extended Online Purchase Intention Model for Middle-aged Online Users", Electronic Commerce Research and Applications.

zwang22 Dr. Zheng WANG
Associate Professor

lailanmo Prof. Lai Lan Phyllis MO
  • Tang, T., P. L. L. Mo and K. H. Chan (March 2017), "Tax Collector or Tax Avoider? An Investigation of Intergovernmental Agency Conflicts", The Accounting Review, Vol. 92, No. 2, pp. 247-270.
  • Chan, K. H., V. Luo, and P. L. L. Mo (January 2016), "Determinants and Implications of Long Audit Reporting Lags: Evidence from China", Accounting and Business Research, Vol. 46, Iss. 2, 145-166.

isjian Prof. Jian MA
  • Zhao, Weidong; *Liu, Haitao; Dai, Weihui; Ma, Jian (August 2016), "An entropy-based clustering ensemble method to support resource allocation in business process management", Knowledge and Information Systems, 48, 2, pp 305-330.
  • Zhang, Mingyu; Ma, Jian; Liu, Zhiying; Sun, Jianshan; Silva, Thushari (March 2016), "A research analytics framework-supported recommendation approach for supervisor selection", British Journal of Educational Technology, 47, 2, pp 403-420.
  • Xu, Wei; *Sun, Jianshan; Ma, Jian; Du, Wei (January 2016), "A personalized information recommendation system for R&D project opportunity finding in big data contexts", Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 59, pp 362-369.
  • Liu, Ou; *Wang, Jun; Ma, Jian; Sun, Yonghong (February 2016), "An intelligent decision support approach for reviewer assignment in R&D project selection", Computers in Industry, 76, pp 1-10.
  • Jiang, Hongbing; *Yang, Chen; Ma, Jian; Silva, Thushari; Chen, Huaping (August 2016), "A social voting approach for scientific domain vocabularies construction", Scientometrics, 108, 1, pp 803-820.

hungwkot Dr. Hung Wan KOT
Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Hung Wan Kot and Lewis H.K. Tam (January 2016), "Are stock prices more informative after dual-listing in emerging markets? Evidence from Hong Kong-listed Chinese companies", Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 36, 31-45.

aihuayan Dr. Aihua YAN
P/T Lecturer
  • Mary C. Lacity, Khan Shaji, Aihua Yan (Forthcoming), "Review of the Empirical Business Services Sourcing Literature: An Update and Future Directions", Journal of Information Technology.

mkwong57 Dr. Man Kong WONG
Associate Professor
  • Lo, A. W. Y. and R. M. K. Wong (September–October 2016), "Silence is golden? Evidence from disclosing related-party transactions in China", Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Vol. 35, Iss. 5, pp. 540-564.

longwang Dr. Long WANG
Associate Professor

biyishou Dr. Biying SHOU
Assistant Professor
  • L Duan, B Shou and J Huang (2016), "Capacity Allocation and Pricing Strategies for New Wireless Services", Production and Operations Management, Vol. 25, No. 5, pp. 866–882.
  • L Gao, B Shou, J Huang and Y Chen (2016), "Combining Spot and Futures Markets: A Hybrid Market Approach to Dynamic Spectrum Access", Operations Research, Vol. 64, No. 4, pp. 794–821.

mcdong Dr. Chuoyan Maggie DONG
Assistant Professor
  • Dong, Maggie Chuoyan, Min Ju, and Yulin Fang (2016), "Role Hazard between Supply Chain Partners in an Institutionally Fragmented Market", accepted by Journal of Operations Management,, forthcoming.
  • Dong, Maggie Chuoyan, Yulin Fang, and Detmar W. Straub (2016), "The Impact of Institutional Distance on Joint Performance of Collaborating Firms: The Role of Adaptive Interorganizational Systems", accepted by Information Systems Research, forthcoming.
  • Zeng, Fue, Ying Chen, Maggie Chuoyan Dong, and Jinhui Zheng (2016), "The Use of Accommodation in Buyer–Seller Relationships: Encouraging or Controlling Opportunism in Business Markets Middle-grounds", Journal of Business to Business Marketing, 23, 1, 47-62.

cschneid Dr. Christoph SCHNEIDER
Assistant Professor
  • Hibbeln, M., Jenkins, J., Schneider, C., Valacich, J., and Weinmann, M. "How is your user feeling? Inferring emotion through human–computer interaction devices", accepted by Mis Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • Weinmann, M., Schneider, C., and vom Brocke, J. (2016), "Digital Nudging", accepted by Business & Information Systems Engineering, forthcoming.

xiaozeng Dr. Xiaohua Michelle ZENG
Assistant Professor
  • Zheng, S.J., X.H. Zeng and C. Zhang (2016), "The Effects of Role Variety and Ability Disparity on Virtual Group Performance", Journal of Business Research, 69, 9, 3468–3477.
  • Zeng, X.H., S. Dasgupta and C.B. Weinberg (December 2016), "The Competitive Implications of a 'No-haggle' Pricing Strategy when Others Negotiate: Findings from a Natural Experiment", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33, 4, 907-923.

taoli3 Dr. Tao LI
Associate Professor

yyguan Dr. Yuyan GUAN
Associate Head (AC)
Associate Professor
  • Guan, Y.Y., L. Su, D. Wu and Z. Yang (April-May 2016), "Do school ties between auditors and client executives influence audit outcomes?", Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol. 61, Iss. 2-3, pp. 506-525.

zhifeng Dr. Zhifeng YANG
Associate Professor
  • Y. Guan, N. Su, D. Wu, and Z. Yang, (April-May 2016), "Do school ties between auditors and client executives influence audit outcomes?", Journal of Accounting & Economics, Vol. 61, Iss. 2-3, pp. 506-525.
  • F. Chen, S. Peng, S. Xue, Z. Yang and F. Ye (March 2016), "Do audit clients successfully engage in opinion shopping? Partner-level evidence", Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 54, No. 1, pp. 79-112.

ylfang Dr. Yulin FANG
Associate Professor
  • Guo,S., Guo, X., Fang, Y., and Vogel, D. (2017), "Howe Doctors Gain Social and Economic Returns in Online Health Communities: A Professional Capital Perspective", accepted by Journal of Management Information Systems, forthcoming.
  • Sun, H., Fang, Y. Zou, M. (2016), "Choosing a Fit Technology: Understanding Mindfulness in Technology Adoption and Continuance", Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 17, 6, 377-412.
  • Dong, CY., Min, J., and Fang, Y. (2016), "Role Hazard between Supply Chain Partners in an Institutional Fragmented Market", Journal of Operations Management, 46, 5-18.
  • Dong, CY., Fang, Y., Straub, D (2016), "The Impact of Institutional Distance on Joint Performance of Collaborating Firms: The Role of Adaptive Interorganizational Systems", accepted by Information Systems Research, forthcoming.

mgmaris Prof. Maris MARTINSONS
  • Martinsons, M G and Davison, R M (probably in 2017) "People, places and time in research design and reporting", accepted by Journal of Information Technology, forthcoming.
  • Davison R M and Martinsons, M G (2016 or 2017) "Context is king! Considering particularism in research design and reporting", accepted by Journal of Information Technology, forthcoming.
  • Martinsons, M G (2016), "Research of information systems: From parochial to international, towards global or glocal?", Information Systems Journal, 26, 1, 3-19.

ms8sf344 Dr. Cheuk Key NG
Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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xuanstam Dr. Xuan Song TAM
Assistant Professor
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