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Recent SCI/SSCI/UTD Publications

* Showing list of papers which are published/reported since year 2013. A maximum of 5 per staff.

mgozer Prof. Muammer OZER
  • Ozer, M., Chang, C. H. (Daisy), and Schaubroeck, J. (January 2015), "Contextual Moderators of the Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Challenge and Hindrance Stress", Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Forthcoming.
  • Ozer, M. and Zhang, W. (March 2015), "The Effects of Geographic and Network Ties on Exploitative and Exploratory Product Innovation", Strategic Management Journal, Forthcoming.

csuechan Dr. Christina SUE-CHAN
Associate Head
Associate Professor
  • Sue-Chan, C., & Hempel, P. S. (2015), "The creativity - performance relationship: How rewarding creativity moderates the expression of creativity.", accepted by Human Resource Management, forthcoming.
  • Hui, A. N. N., Yeung, D. Y., Sue-Chan, C., Chan, K., Hui, D. C. K., & Cheung, S. (March 2014), "Gains and losses in creative personality as perceived by adults across the lifespan.", Developmental Psychology, 50, 3, 709-713.
  • Hui, T. Y., Sue-Chan, C., & Wood, R. E. (December 2013), "The contrasting effects of coaching style on task performances: The mediating roles of subjective task complexity and self-set goal.", Human Resource Development Quarterly, 24, 4, 429-458.

pblowry Prof. Paul Benjamin LOWRY
  • Paul Benjamin Lowry and Greg Moody (May 2014), "Proposing the control-reactance compliance model (CRCM) to explain opposing motivations to comply with organizational information security policies", accepted by Information Systems Journal, forthcoming.
  • Jeffrey L. Jenkins, Mark Grimes, Jeff Proudfoot, and Paul Benjamin Lowry (April 2014), "Improving password cybersecurity through inexpensive and minimally invasive means: Detecting and deterring password reuse through keystroke-dynamics monitoring and just-in-time warnings", Information Technology for Development, 20, 2, 196-213.
  • Paul Benjamin Lowry, David W. Wilson, and William L. Haig (January 2014), "A picture is worth a thousand words: Source credibility theory applied to logo and website design for heightened credibility and consumer trust", International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 30, 1, 63–93.
  • Clay Posey, Tom L. Roberts, Paul Benjamin Lowry, Rebecca Bennett, and James Courtney (December 2013), "Insiders’ protection of organizational information assets: Development of a systematics-based taxonomy and theory of diversity for protection-motivated behaviors", MIS Quarterly, 37, 4, 1189-1210.
  • Mark Keith, Samuel C. Thompson, Joanne Hale, Paul Benjamin Lowry, and Chapman Greer (December 2013), "Information disclosure on mobile devices: Re-examining privacy calculus with actual user behavior", International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 71, 12, 1163-1173.

chiahlu Dr. Chia Hui LU
Assistant Professor

aaalimov Dr. Azizjon ALIMOV
Assistant Professor
  • Alimov (April 2014), "Product market competition and the value of corporate cash: Evidence from trade liberalization", Journal of Corporate Finance, ELSEVIER, 25, 122-139.

mkclluk Dr. Chung Leung LUK
Assistant Professor
  • Wan, W. W. N., Luk, C. L., and Chow, C. W. C. (February 2014), "Consumer responses to sexual advertising: The intersection of modernization, evolution, and international marketing.", accepted by Journal of International Business Studies, forthcoming.
  • Wang, X., Chow, C. W. C., & Luk, C. L. (October 2013), "Does service employee arrogance discourage sales of luxury brands in emerging economies?", Psychology & Marketing, 30, 10, 918-933.

mkyany Dr. Mingping Yanni YAN
Associate Professor
  • Xiaoqing Li, Joanne Roberts, Yanni Yan and Hui Tan (February 2014), "Knowledge Sharing in China-UK Higher Education Alliances", International Business Review, 23, 2, 343-355.

klopatta Prof. Kerstin Gisel LOPATTA
Visiting Professor

mslincky Dr. Ka Yuk Carrie LIN
Associate Professor
  • Carrie Ka Yuk LIN (July 2014), "Solving a location, allocation and capacity planning problem with dynamic demand and response time service level", accepted by Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, New York, USA, forthcoming.

efkwli Dr. Kui Wai LI
Associate Professor
  • Miyakoshi,Tatsuyoshi , Kui-Wai LI and Junji Shimada (July 2014), "Rational Expectation Bubbles: Evidence from Hong Kong Sub-Indices", Applied Economics, 46, 20, 2429-2440.
  • Li, Kui-Wai (August 2013), "The U.S. Monetary Performance Prior to the 2008 Crisis", Applied Economics, 45, 24, 3450-3461.

efykkwan Dr. Yum Keung Fred KWAN
Associate Professor

qiahuang Dr. Qianqian HUANG
Assistant Professor
  • Huang, Q. , Jiang, F. , Lie, E. & Yang, K (May 2014), "The role of investment banker directors in M&A", Journal of Financial Economics, 112, 2, 269-286.

zwang22 Dr. Zheng WANG
Assistant Professor

efmcw103 Dr. Chak Sham Michael WONG
Associate Professor
  • Batten, Jonathan, Peter Szilagyi and Michael C S Wong (May 2014), "Stock Market Spread Trading: Argentina and Brazil Stock Indices", Emerging Markets Finance and Finance.
  • Humphrey Tung and Michael C S Wong (August 2013), "On the Formulation of Credit Barrier Model using Radial Basis Functions", Journal of the Operational Research Society, [].

isron Dr. Chi Wai Ron KWOK
Assistant Dean (CB)
Associate Professor
  • Fang Yulin, Kwok C.W. Ron, and Schroeder Andreas (May 2014), "Knowledge Processes in Virtual Teams: Consolidating the Evidence", Behaviour & Information Technology, 33, 5, 486-501.

yangxiyu Dr. Yangxin YU
Assistant Professor

acsleung Dr. Sidney C M LEUNG
Associate Professor
  • Richardson, G., R. Lanis, and S. Leung (April 2014), "Corporate Tax Aggressiveness, Outside Directors, and Debt Policy: An Empirical Analysis", Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 25, pp. 107-121.

yuema24 Prof. Yue MA
Chair Professor of Finance
  • J Houston, C Lin, L Jiang, Yue Ma (March 2014), "Political Connections and the Cost of Bank Loans", Journal of Accounting Research, 52, 1, 193–243.
  • Lin C, Yue Ma, P Malatesta, Y Xuan (August 2013), "Corporate Ownership Structure and the Choice between Bank Debt and Public Debt", Journal of Financial Economics, 109, 2, 517-534.

Dr. Ying HE
Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Daneilson, Mats. Ekenberg, Love. & He, Ying (March 2014), "Augmenting Ordinal Methods of Attribute Weight Approximation", Decision Analysis, 11, 1, 21-26.
  • Daneilson, Mats. Ekenberg, Love. & He, Ying (March 2014), "Augmenting Ordinal Methods of Attribute Weight Approximation", Decision Analysis, 11, 1, 21-26.
  • He, Ying, James, Dyer, and John Butler (December 2013), "On the Axiomatization of the Satiation and Habit Formation Utility Models", Operations Research, 61, 6, pp. 1399-1410.

andrelim Prof. Leong Chye Andrew LIM

cschneid Dr. Christoph SCHNEIDER
Assistant Professor
  • Wang, X., Schneider, C., and Valacich, J. S. (March 2014), "Enhancing creativity in group collaboration: How performance targets and feedback shape perceptions and idea generation performance.", Computers in Human Behavior.

frankyu Dr. Kuo Frank YU
Assistant Professor
  • Li, F., Yu, K. F., Yang, J., Qi, Z., Fu, J. H. (March 2014), "Authentic Leadership, Traditionality, and Interactional Justice in the Chinese Context", Management and Organization Review.

eeloter Dr. Terence C.H. CHEUNG
Assistant Professor
  • Xuyuan Xu, Lai-Man Po, Terence Chun-Ho Cheung, Kwok-Wai Cheung, Litong Feng, Chi-Wang Ting and Ka-Ho Ng (March 2014), "Adaptive Depth Truncation Filter for MVC based Compressed Depth Image", Signal Processing-Image Communication, 29, 3, 316-331.
  • Xuyuan Xu, Lai-Man Po, Ka-Ho Ng, Litong Feng, Kwok-Wai Cheung, Chun-Ho Cheung, Chi-Wang Ting (October 2013), "Depth map misalignment correction and dilation for DIBR view synthesis", Signal Processing-Image Communication, 28, 9, 1023-1045.

chuantan Dr. Chuan Hoo TAN
Associate Professor
  • Huang, L. Q., Tan, C. H., Ke, W. L, and Wei, K. K. (Winter 2014), "Comprehension and Assessment of Product Reviews: A Review-Product Congruity Proposition", Journal of Management Information Systems, 30, 3, 311-343.
  • Tan, C. H., Sutanto, J., Phang, C. W., and Gasimov, A. (February 2014), "Using Personal Communication Technologies for Commercial Communications: A Cross-Country Investigation of Email and SMS", accepted by Information Systems Research, forthcoming.
  • Tan, C. H., Goh, K. Y., Teo, H. H., and Yang, X. (May 2014), "Response to Buyout Options in Internet Auctions", IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 61, 2, 285-297.
  • Jiang, Q. Q., Tan, C. H., Phang, C. W., Sutanto, J., and Wei, K. K. (October 2013), "Understanding Internet Usage Pattern of China Users: The Application of Zipf's Law", International Journal of Information Management, 33, 5, 752-763.
  • Li, M. X., Huang, L. Q., Tan, C. H., and Wei, K. K. (Summer 2013), "Helpfulness of Online Product Reviews as Seen by Consumers: Source and Content Features", International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 17, 4, 101-136.

hoyingfu Dr. Ho Ying FU
Associate Professor
  • Li, F., Yu, K. F., Yang, J., Qi, Z., Fu, J. H. (December 2014), "Authentic Leadership, Traditionality, and Interactional Justice in the Chinese Context", Management and Organization Review.

yuezhang Dr. Yue ZHANG
Assistant Professor
  • Radhakrishnan, S., Z. Wang and Y. Zhang (January 2014), "Customers’ Capital Market Information Quality and Suppliers’ Performance", accepted by Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.

yiminyu Dr. Yimin YU
Assistant Professor
  • T. Huang and Y. Yu (January 2014), "Sell Probabilistic Goods? A Behavioral Explanation for Opaque Selling", accepted by Marketing Science, forthcoming.
  • M.C. Dong, Z. Liu, Y. Yu, J-H. Zheng (February 2014), "Opportunism in Distribution Networks: The Role of Network Embeddedness and Dependence", accepted by Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.

bingli Dr. Bing LI
Assistant Professor

hailchen Dr. Hailiang CHEN
Assistant Professor
  • Chen, Hailiang, Prabuddha De, Yu Jeffrey Hu, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang (2014), "Wisdom of Crowds: The Value of Stock Opinions Transmitted Through Social Media", Review of Financial Studies, 27, 5, 1367-1403,

swhshum Dr. Stephen Wan Hang SHUM
Assistant Professor

yanluo Dr. Yan LUO
Assistant Professor

minzhu Dr. Min ZHU
Assistant Professor

Dr. Aurelia MOK
Assistant Professor

xinli24 Dr. Xin LI
Assistant Professor
  • Jie Zhang, Yanwu Yang, Xin Li, Rui Qin, and Daniel Dajun Zeng (2014), "Dynamic Dual Adjustment of Daily Budgets and Bids in Sponsored Search Auctions", Decision Support Systems, 57, 105–114.
  • Wei Wang, Shaoyi Liao, Xin Li, and Jimmy Ren (2014), "The Process of Information Propagation along a Traffic Stream through Inter-vehicle Communication", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 15, 1, 345-354.
  • Xin Li, Mengyue Wang, and T-P Liang "A Multi-theoretical Kernel-based Approach to Social Network-based Recommendation", accepted by Decision Support Systems, forthcoming.
  • Jiawei Wang, Xin Li, Shaoyi Liao, and Zhongsheng Hua (June 2013), "A Hybrid Approach for Automatic Incident Detection", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 14, 3, 1176 - 1185.
  • Xin Li, and Hsinchun Chen (January 2013), "Recommendation as link prediction in bipartite graphs: A graph kernel-based machine learning approach", Decision Support Systems, 54, 2, 880–890.

jnowland Dr. John Edward NOWLAND
Assistant Professor

mkwong57 Dr. Man Kong WONG
Assistant Professor

raylau Dr. Yiu Keung Raymond LAU
Associate Professor
  • R.Y.K. LAU, Yunqing XIA, Yunming YE (February 2014), "A Probabilistic Generative Model for Mining Cybercriminal Networks from Online Social Media", IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, 9, 1, 31-43, (2012 ISI Impact Factor 4.629).
  • Yi CAI, R.Y.K. LAU, Stephen Shaoyi LIAO, Chunping LI, Ho-Fung LEUNG, Louis C.K. MA (2014), "Object Typicality for Effective Web of Things Recommendations", accepted by Decision Support Systems, forthcoming.
  • R.Y.K. LAU, Chunping LI, Stephen Shaoyi LIAO (2014), "Social Analytics: Learning Fuzzy Product Ontologies for Aspect-Oriented Sentiment Analysis", accepted by Decision Support Systems, forthcoming.
  • Stephen Shaoyi LIAO, Jia-Dong ZHANG, R.Y.K. LAU, Tianying WU (2014), "Coalition Formation based on Marginal Contributions and the Markov Process", Decision Support Systems, 57, 1, 355-363.
  • Y. Xia, W. Su, R.Y.K. Lau, Y. Liu (2013), "Discovering latent commercial networks from online Financial news articles", Enterprise Information Systems, 7, 3, 303-331, (2012 ISI Impact Factor: 9.256).

msgtso Dr. Kwok Fai Geoffrey TSO
Associate Head
Associate Professor
  • Geoffrey K.F. Tso, and Jingjing Guan (2014), "A Multilevel Regression Approach to Understand Effects of Environment Indicators and Household Features on Residential Energy Consumption", accepted by Energy, 722-731, doi: 10.1016/, forthcoming.

liyuanw Dr. Liyuan WEI
Assistant Professor
  • L. Wei, J. Xiao (2014), "Are points like money? An empirical investigation of reward promotion effectiveness for multi-category retailers", accepted by Marketing Letters, forthcoming.
  • X. Zeng, L. Wei (March 2013), "Social Ties and User Content Generation: Evidence from Flickr", Information Systems Research, 24, 1, 71-87.

mgyang Dr. Jane YANG
Associate Professor
  • Li, F., Yu, K. F., Yang, J., Qi, Z., Fu, J. H. (2014), "Authentic leadership, traditionality, and interactional justice in the Chinese context", accepted by Management and Organization Review, forthcoming.

kaflam Dr. Catherine K LAM
Associate Professor
  • Tse, H., Lam, C. K., & Lawrence, S. (2014), "When my supervisor dislikes you more than me: Dissimilarity of leader-member exchange, interpersonal emotion, and perceived help.", Journal of Applied Psychology, 98, 974-988.
  • Chan, S., Huang, X., Snape, E., & Lam, C. (January 2013), "The Janus face of paternalistic leaders: authoritarianism, benevolence, subordinates’ organization-based self-esteem, and performance.", Journal of Organizational Behavior, 34, 108-128.
  • Lam, C.K., Walter, F., & Ouyang, K. (April 2013), "Display Rule Perceptions and Job Performance: The Moderating Role of Employees’ Affect at Work", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, (forthcoming).

williwan Prof. William Piu WAN
  • Yiu, D.W., Xu, Y., & Wan, W.P. "The deterrence effects of vicarious punishments on corporate financial fraud", accepted by Organization Science, forthcoming.
  • Yiu, D.W., Wan, W.P., Ng, F.W., Chen, X., & Su, J. (March 2014), "Sentimental drivers of social entrepreneurship: A study of China's Guangcai (Glorious) Program", Management and Organization Review, 10, 1, 55-80.
  • Broberg, J. C., McKelvie, A., Short, J. C., Ketchen Jr, D. J., & Wan, W. P. (December 2013), "Political institutional structure influences on innovative activity", Journal of Business Research, 66, 12, 2574-2580.
  • Wang, X., & Wan, W.P. (December 2013), "Explaining the variance in underpricing among venture capital-backed IPOs: A comparison between private and corporate VC firms", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 7, 4, 331-342.

Dr. Amanda CHU
Visiting Fellow
  • Chu, A. M. Y., Chau, P. Y. K., & So, M. K. P. "Predicting Resource Misuse in the Workplace: A Dual-process Approach", accepted by Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.
  • Wong, L. C., Chu, A. M. Y., & Chan, C. L. W. (June 2014), "Measuring the Transgression-related Interpersonal Motivations Inventory in Marital Relationships", Research on Social Work Practice, 24, 3, 356-363.
  • Chu, A. M. Y. & Chau, P. Y. K. "Development and Validation of Instruments of Information Security Deviant Behavior", accepted by Decision Support Systems, forthcoming.

mgsyed Dr. Syed AKHTAR
Associate Professor
  • Zhu, Y and Akhtar, S. "How transformational leadership influences follower helping behavior: The role of trust and prosocial motivation", accepted by Journal of Organizational Behavior, Early online version: DOI: 10.1002/job.1884., forthcoming.

yyguan Dr. Yuyan GUAN
Assistant Professor
  • Guan, Y. Y., F. Wong and Y. Zhang "Analyst Following Along the Supply Chain", accepted by Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.
  • Chen, Z. H., Y. Y. Guan and B. Ke (September 2013), "Are Stock Option Grants to Directors of State-Controlled Chinese Firms Listed in Hong Kong Genuine Compensation?", The Accounting Review, Vol. 88, No. 5, pp. 1547-1574.

haibin Prof. Haibin YANG
  • Yang, H., Zheng, Y., & Zhao, X. (2014), "Exploration or Exploitation? Small Firms' Alliance Strategies with Large Firms", Strategic Management Journal, 35, 146-157.
  • Yang, H., Zheng, Y., & Zaheer, A. "Asymmetric learning capabilities and stock market returns", accepted by Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming.

xindozhu Dr. Xindong ZHU
Assistant Professor
  • Gul, F. A., G. Zhou and X. Zhu (August 2013), "Investor Protection, Firm Informational Problems, Big N Auditors, and Cost of Debt around the World", Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, Vol. 32, No. 3, pp. 1-30.

msiris Dr. Miu Han Iris YEUNG
Associate Professor
  • Chung W and Yeung I M H (November 2013), "Attitudes of Hong Kong residents towards the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant", Energy Policy, 62, 1172-1186.
  • Chung W, Zhou G, Yeung I M H (July 2013), "A study of energy efficiency of transport sector in China from 2003", Applied Energy, 112, 1066-1077.

houminyan Prof. Houmin YAN
Dean (CB)
Chair Professor of Management Sciences
  • Wang, H.F., Liang X.Y., Sethi, S. and Yan, H. (May 2013), "Inventory Commitment and Prioritized Backlogging Clearance with Alternative Delivery Lead Times", accepted by Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.

youhchen Prof. Youhua Frank CHEN
Acting Department Head (MS)
  • Lu.Y., Chen. Y., Song. M., Yan. X. (May 2014), "Optimal Pricing and Inventory Control Policy with Quantity-Based Price Differentiation", Operations Research, 62, 3, 512-523.
  • Yang, Y., Y. Chen, and Yun Zhou ((Jan-Feb 2014)), "Coordinating Inventory Control and Pricing Strategies Under Batch Ordering", Operations Research, 62, 1, 25-34, (equal contribution).
  • Chen Y., W. Xue, J. Yang (2013), "Optimal Inventory Policy in the Presence of a Long-Term Supplier and a Spot Market - a Note", Operations Research, 61, 1, 88–97.
  • Caliskan-Demirag, O., Y. Chen and Y. Yang (September 2013), "Production-inventory control policy under warm/cold state-dependent fixed costs and stochastic demand: partial characterization and heuristics", Ann. Operations Research, 208,, 531-556.

mkwydou Prof. Wenyu DOU
Associate Dean (CB)
  • Guangping Wang, Wenyu Dou, Hairong Li, and Nan Zhou (January 2013), "Advertiser Risk Taking, Campaign Originality, and Campaign Performance", Journal of Advertising, 42, 1, 42-53.

mgreuben Dr. Reuben MONDEJAR
Associate Professor
  • ARYEE, Samuel, WALUMBWA, Fred, MONDEJAR, Reuben, CHU, Chris (September 2013), "Accounting for the Influence of Overall Justice on Job Performance: Integrating Self-Determination and Social Exchange Theories", Journal of Management Studies, Springer, accepted for publication 15 Sept 2013.
  • Mondejar R., Hongxin Zhao, J. (August 2013), "Institutional Environment and Strategic Response of Foreign Invested Firms in China", Management International Review, Springer, Vol. 53, No. 4, pp. 579-605.

efyan Dr. Kit Ming Isabel YAN
Associate Head
Associate Professor
  • Isabel Yan and Edwin Lai (January 2013), "Would Global Patent Protection be Too Weak Without International Coordination?", Journal of International Economics, 89, 1, pp.42-54.
  • Isabel Yan, Liang Wu and Tao Chen (2013), "On the Use of International Commodity Futures Spread for Forecasting China’s Net Imports of Commodities", accepted by World Economy, forthcoming.
  • Isabel Yan, Kenneth Chan and Jennifer Lai (August 2013), "Is the Provincial Capital Market Segmented in China?", Review of Development Economics, 17, 3, 430-446.
  • Isabel Yan, Paul McNelis and Jennifer Lai (October 2013), "Regional Capital Mobility in China: Economic Reform with Limited Financial Integration", Journal of International Money and Finance, 37, 493-503.

iscl Prof. Choon Ling SIA
  • Zhang, W., Yang, X., Wang, Q., Zheng, C., Sia, C. L. "Investigation on the Factors Determining Consumers’ Use of Online Intermediated Shopping (OIS) – A Behavioral Intention Perspective", accepted by Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, forthcoming.
  • Luo, C., Luo, X. R., Schatzberg, L., and Sia, C. L. (December 2013), "Impact of informational factors on online recommendation credibility: The moderating role of source credibility", Decision Support Systems, 56, pp. 92-102.
  • Liu, C., Yao, L. J., Sia, C. L., and Wei, K. K. (April 2013), "The Impact of Early XBRL Adoption on Analysts’ Forecast Accuracy: Empirical Evidence from China", Electronic Markets, Available at:
  • Ou, C.X.J., Sia, C.L., and Hui, C. K. (2013), "Computer-Mediated Communication and Social Networking Tools at Work", Information Technology & People, 26, 2, pp. 172-190.
  • Ou, C. X. J., Sia, C. L., and Hui, C. K. (June 2013), "Computer-mediated communication and social networking tools at work", Information Technology & People, 26, 2, pp. 172-190., Available at:

mskyau Prof. Kai Wing Kelvin YAU
Associate Dean (CB)
  • Chiu P W, Mak H K F, Yau K K W, Chan Q, Chang, R C C and Chu L W (February 2014), "Metabolic Changes in the Anterior and Posterior Cingulate Cortices of the Normal Aging Brain: Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study at 3-Telsla", Age, Netherlands, Vol. 36, pp. 251-264.
  • Zhang G, Yau K K W and Gong X (March 2014), "Traffic Violations in Guangdong Province of China: Speeding and Drunk Driving", Accident Analysis and Prevention, United Kingdom, Vol. 64, pp. 30-40.
  • Yu D and Yau K K W (June 2013), "Robust REML estimation for k-component Poisson mixture with random effects: Application to the epilepsy seizure count data and urinary tract infections data", Statistics in Medicine, United Kingdom, Vol. 32, pp. 2479-2499.
  • Zhang G, Yau K K W and Chen G (October 2013), "Risk Factors Associated with Traffic Violations and Accident Severity in China", Accident Analysis and Prevention, United Kingdom, Vol. 59, pp. 18-25.
  • Yu D, Zhang X and Yau K K W (April 2013), "Information based model selection criteria for generalized linear mixed models with unknown variance component parameters", Journal of Multivariate Analysis, USA, Vol. 116, pp. 245-262.

acmleung Dr. Chung Man Alvin LEUNG
Assistant Professor
  • I Bose, ACM Leung (Forthcoming), "Do Phishing Alerts Impact Global Corporations? A Firm Value Analysis", Decision Support Systems, pp. 1-12.
  • J Park, B Gu, ACM Leung, P Konana (2014), "An Investigation of Information Sharing and Seeking Behaviors in Online Investment Communities", Computers in Human Behavior, 31, pp. 1-12.
  • I Bose, ACM Leung (2013), "The Impact of Adoption of Identity Theft Countermeasures on Firm Value", Decision Support Systems, 55, 3, pp. 753-763.

nawen3 Dr. Na WEN
Assistant Professor
  • Nan Cui, Na Wen, Lan Xu, Yao Qin (June 2013), "Contingent effects of managerial guanxi on new product development success", Journal of Business Research, 66, 2522-2528.

efywang Dr. Yong WANG
Associate Professor

mgzgchen Prof. Ziguang CHEN
  • Geng, X. W., Chen, Z., Lam, W., & Zheng, Q. Q. (May 2013), "Hedonic evaluation over short and long retention intervals: The mechanism of the Peak-End rule", Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 26, 225-236.

mgkleung Prof. Kwok LEUNG
Chair Professor of Management
  • Lai, X., Li, F., & Leung, K. (April 2013), "A Monte Carlo study of the effects of common method variance on significance testing and parameter bias in hierarchical linear modeling.", Organizational Research Methods, 16, 2, 243-269.

jlzhao Prof. J Leon ZHAO
Head (IS)
Chair Professor of Information Systems
  • Kaiquan Xu, Stephen Shaoyi Liao, Raymond Y. K. Lau, and J. Leon Zhao (February 2014), "Effective Active Learning Strategies for the Use of Large-Margin Classifiers in Semantic Annotation: An Optimal Parameter Discovery Perspective", INFORMS Journal of Computing, Published Online.
  • Manlu Liu, Daniel Zeng, J. Leon Zhao (January 2014), "Cooperative Investment Decisions in Community Source Development", International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 13, 1, 5-28.
  • Sherry X. Sun, J. Leon Zhao (April 2013), "Formal workflow design analytics using data flow modeling", Decisions Support Systems, 55, 1, 270-283.

mssleung Dr. Chi Hang Stephen LEUNG
Associate Professor
  • Du X F, Leung S C H, Zhang J L and Lai K K (March 2013), "Demand Forecasting of Perishable Farm Products Using Support Vector Machine", International Journal of Systems Science, Vol. 44, No. 3, pp. 556-567.
  • Leung S C H, Zhang Z, Zhang D F, Hua X and Lim M K (March 2013), "A Meta-heuristic Algorithm for Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problems with Two-dimensional Loading Constraints", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 225, No. 2, pp. 199-210.
  • Zhang D F, Wei L J Leung S C H and Chen Q S (April 2013), "A Binary Search Heuristic Algorithm Based on Randomized Local Search for the Rectangular Strip-Packing Problem", INFORMS Journal on Computing, Vol. 25, No. 2, 332-345.
  • Lim Ming, Tan K H and Leung S C H (May 2013), "Using a Multi-agent System to Optimise Resource Utilisation in Multi-site Manufacturing Facilities", International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 51, No. 9, pp. 2620-2638.
  • Wong P Y L, Leung S C H and Gilleard J D (October 2013), "Portfolio performance benchmarking with data envelopment analysis", Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 30, No. 5, 135011.

msghao Dr. Gang HAO
Associate Vice President (Development)
Associate Professor

isdoug Prof. Douglas VOGEL
Adjunct Professor

yanzhili Dr. Yanzhi LI
Associate Professor

cheongyi Prof. Cheong Heon YI
Associate Head & Professor
  • Cheng, P., P. Man and C. H. Yi (March 2013), "The impact of product market competition on earnings quality", Accounting and Finance, Vol. 53, Iss. 1, pp. 137-162.

vgiorgio Prof. Giorgio VALENTE

xiaozeng Dr. Xiaohua Michelle ZENG
Assistant Professor

iskl Prof. Kai Hin LIM
  • Sun, Y., Fang, Y., Lim, K.H. (June 2014), "Understanding Satisfaction of Knowledge Contributors in Transactional Virtual Communities from a Cost-Benefit Tradeoff Perspective", Information & Management, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp.441-450.
  • Fang, Y., Qureshi, I., Sun, H., McCole, P., Ramsey, E., and Lim, K.H. (June 2014), "Trust, Satisfaction, and Online Re-purchase Intention: The Moderating Role of Perceived Effectiveness of E-commerce Institutional Mechanisms", MIS Quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 407-427.
  • Lou, J., Fang, Y.L., Lim, K.H., and Peng, Z.Y. (June 2013), "Contributing High Quantity and Quality Knowledge to Online Q&A Communities", Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Vol., No. 2, pp. 356-371.
  • Sun, Y; Lim, K. H.; and Peng, Z.Y. (February 2013), "Solving the Distinctiveness – Blindness Debate: A Unified Model for Understanding Banner Processing", Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Vol.14, No. 2, Article 2.

congwang Dr. Cong WANG
Assistant Professor

ychandra Dr. Yanto CHANDRA
Assistant Professor

mskklai Prof. Kin Keung LAI
Chair Professor of Management Science
  • T Shu, S Chen, S Y Wang & K K Lai (February 2014), "GBOM-Oriented Management of Production Disruption Risk and Optimization of Supply Chain Construction", Expert Systems with Applications, 41, 1, pp59-68.
  • Y Fu, K K Lai & L Liang (December 2013), "Bricks or Clicks: The impact of Manufacturer’s Encroachment on Both Manufacturer-Owned and Retail Channels", Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 25, 4, pp695-714.
  • Y Q He; K K Lai (April 2013), "The Impact of Supplier Integration on Customer Integration and new Product Performance: the mediating Role of Manufacturing Flexibility Under Trust Theory", accepted by International Journal of production Economics, forthcoming.
  • G Xie, S Y Wang & K K Lai (February 2013), "Hybrid Approaches Based on LSSVR Model for Container Throughout Forecasting: A Comparative Study", Applied Soft Computing, 13, 2, pp2232-2241.
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Dr. Du DU
Assistant Professor

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weiquan Dr. Weiquan WANG
Associate Head
Associate Professor
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zhifeng Dr. Zhifeng YANG
Associate Professor
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kycleung Dr. Ka Yui Charles LEUNG
Associate Professor
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pdapreve Dr. Daniel PREVE
Assistant Professor
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yutong Dr. Yu TONG
Assistant Professor
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gmutlu Dr. Gulseren MUTLU
Assistant Professor
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mssktse Dr. Siu Keung TSE
Associate Professor

ismatlee Prof. Kwok On Matthew LEE
Chair Professor of Information Systems & E-Commerce
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yanmigao Dr. Yanmin GAO
Assistant Professor

xuzheng Dr. Xu ZHENG
Assistant Professor
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juhekwon Dr. Juhee KWON
Assistant Professor

ms8sf344 Dr. Cheuk Key NG
Assistant Professor

ahysuh Dr. Ayoung SUH
Assistant Professor
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Prof. John Jianhua LIU
Visiting Professor
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mkctsu Prof. Chenting SU
Department Head
Chair Professor
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mkzyang Prof. Zhilin YANG
Associate Head
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humphrey Dr. Kwong Kwai Humphrey TUNG
Visiting Assistant Professor

jeffwang Dr. Jianfeng Jeff WANG
Assistant Professor
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jwang2 Prof. Junbo WANG
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ylfang Dr. Yulin FANG
Associate Professor
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hongzou Dr. Hong Joe ZOU
Adjunct Professor
  • Lin, C., Officer, M., Wang, R., Zou,H. (2013), "Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance and Loan Spreads", accepted by Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

biyishou Dr. Biying SHOU
Assistant Professor

mcdong Dr. Chuoyan Maggie DONG
Assistant Professor
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sangphan Dr. Sang Pil HAN
Assistant Professor
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huanweng Dr. David H WENG
Assistant Professor
  • Weng, D. H., & Lin, Z. "Beyond CEO tenure: The effect of CEO newness on strategic changes", accepted by Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Lee, S.-H., & Weng, D. H. (2013), "Does bribery in the home country promote or dampen firm exports?", Strategic Management Journal, 34, 12, 1472-2487.

liuzheng Dr. Liu ZHENG
Associate Professor
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ruodshao Dr. Ruodan SHAO
Assistant Professor
  • Rupp, D.E.*, Shao, R.*, Jones, K., & Liao, H. (2014), "The utility of a multifoci approach to the study of organizational justice: A meta-analytic investigation into the consideration of normative rules, moral accountability, bandwidth-fidelity, and social exchange.", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 123, 2, 159-185, [* equal contribution].
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xiangxin Dr. Xiangang XIN
Assistant Professor
  • Pevzner, M, Xie, F and Xin, X (2013), "When Firms Talk, Do Investors Listen? The Role of Trust in Stock Market Reactions to Corporate Earnings Announcements", accepted by Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

bkboyd Prof. Brian Keane BOYD
Head (MGT)
Chair Professor of Strategic Management
  • Boyd, B.K., Bergh, D.D., Ireland, D., & Ketchen, D.J. (2013), "Construct measurement in strategic management.", Organizational Research Methods, 16, 3-14.

cuilqian Dr. Cuili QIAN
Associate Professor
  • Li, J. T., C., Qian., & Yao, F. K. (authorship listed alphabetically with equal contribution). (2014), "Confidence in imitation: Intra- and inter-organizational effects in foreign market entry location decisions", accepted by Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.
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liazhang Dr. Liandong ZHANG
Associate Professor
  • Kim, J-B and L. Zhang (2013), "Accounting Conservatism and Stock Price Crash Risk: Firm-Level Evidence", accepted by Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.

yelu22 Dr. Ye LU
Assistant Professor

weityue Dr. Wei Thoo YUE
Associate Professor
  • Kai Lung Hui, Wendy Hui and Wei T. Yue (Winter 2013), "Information Security Outsourcing with System Interdependency and Mandatory Security Requirement", Journal of Management Information Systems, 29, 3, 117-156.

jeongkim Prof. Jeong Bon KIM
Department Head
Chair Professor of Accountancy

taoli3 Dr. Tao LI
Associate Professor
  • Tao Li (2013), "Investors’ Heterogeneity and Implied Volatility Smiles", Management Science, 59, 10, 2392-2412.
  • Haitao Li, Tao Li, Cindy Yu (2013), "No-Arbitrage Taylor Rules with Switching Regimes", Management Science, 59, 10, 2278-2294, Coverage by James Hamilton (

msawan Prof. Tze-Kin Alan WAN

isrobert Prof. Robert M DAVISON