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LinkedIn for Business Networking

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform which could enable you to build and manage your identities; create and leverage your professional networks; and gain the knowledge you need to be more successful in your careers, across multiple screens and devices

With an All-Star profile you create in LinkedIn, you will be able to
Find CB and CityU alumni by searching
  1. Where they live
  2. Where they work
  3. What they do
  4. What they studied
  5. What they are skilled at
  6. How you are connected
  7. Keywords (for example, major, specialties and industry you are interested in)
  8. Attending/graduation years
  • How to find the alumni and to get an inside scoop of the alumni
  • How to find the paths from campus to career
  • How to find top employers of the graduates and the target companies who are most likely to hire
Connect with a CB or CityU alumnus
  1. Sending a connection invitation to the alumnus
  2. Joining the CityU Business Student-Alumni Career Network
    After joining the group, you can click on the "members" on top of the group to see a list of members who joined the group. You will be able to send a message to a member in the group by selecting the member's name and then clicking on the messaging icon ( ) next to the member's name
Network with professionals working at target companies or industry
  1. You can use keyword search to find business professionals who work at your desired companies or industry, then invite them to connect; or
  2. You can view the profile of the business professionals whom you wish to connect to see which groups they have joined
  3. Joining the same group(s) the business professionals joined will allow you to send direct messages to them
Explore career options and career development needs

Explore career options and career development needs by browsing the career profiles of the business professionals in your targeted field to learn what skills and career paths the business professionals have, and by interacting with them to learn what competencies, values, aptitudes and attitudes are required to be successful in their fields.

You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a career adviser to discuss your career development needs.

Search and apply graduates jobs and internships
  1. Be found by recruiters with an All-Star profile
  2. Receiving Job alerts/recommendations from LinkedIn
  1. Following your target companies to obtain alert of their updated news or career opportunities
Build your personal brand
  1. Obtaining recommendations
  1. Posting articles
  1. Sharing articles
  2. Participating in group discussions after you joined a group
Obtain up-to-date trends and knowledge

Useful e-Resources
Make Your Profile Recruiter-Ready (LinkedIn Student Profile Checklist)
Everything I Knew About the College Job Hunt Was Wrong, and Here's How You Can Succeed

Useful Video Resources
a) LinkedIn Tutorial 2015 - Quick Start
The video demonstrates step-by-step of setting up a new LinkedIn profile
b) LinkedIn Profile Photo Tips: Official
LinkedIn profile photo gets you around 14x more views. The above video gives some tips on how you can easily take one on your own - even without a professional photographer.
LinkedIn for Grads: Connect to Alumni!
The video demonstrates an example of finding alumni who are in your target industries, employer list, and areas of interests, and sending a personalized invitation to an alumnus with whom you would like to connect.

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