CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Highlights - How CityU DBA Makes the Difference

Rich Faculty Resources

  • Core courses taught by academics and renowned local and overseas adjunct/visiting faculty to give students an international perspective.
  • Supervision by senior faculty members with up-to-date understanding of business practices.
  • Mentor system - every DBA participant, at the time of admission, will be assigned a faculty member as a mentor to guide her or him through the study.

Innovative Learning Approaches

Spiral Learning

  • Your learning will be integrated with your thesis preparation from your first research methodology course so that thesis writing will not be a ‘shock’ to you in the later part of your study. It is a problem-driven and just-in-time learning in which you will learn, you will apply and you will not forget.


  • You will be exposed to new knowledge and business ideas. An academic staff will be assigned as your mentor at the beginning of the programme and guide you through your study.


  • Building on your practical experience, you are able to look at problems with a new perspective. Your solutions to problems will be supported by rigorous arguments and empirical evidence.

Peer Support

  • Learning circles will be formed for learning partners with similar research interests to achieve:
    Cross fertilisation
    Exchange of ideas
    Learning synergy
    Mutual support

Prestigious Networking

  • When you enrol in the programme, you become eligible to be a member of the DBA Community, an initiative of our DBA participants.
    DBA Community

Pedagogical Design

  • A good balance of subject depth and width. Subject depth is covered by core courses at doctoral levels tailor-made for the programme. Subject width is covered by 12 credit units of electives at an advanced level, to be chosen from DBA prescribed electives and/or existing pool of courses in our postgraduate programmes.
  • A focus on the development of applied research skills in interdisciplinary areas.
  • Two residential workshops to keep students abreast of the latest issues and interdisciplinary knowledge in the business field. The newly offered core course Research Development Workshop helps improve students' research.

Flexible Attendance Mode

  • Makes it easier for you to schedule your work.
  • Intensive mode of attendance is adopted for the 3 core courses on research methodology to suit the busy schedules of senior executives. One core course on research methodology will be offered each semester with classes scheduled on one weekend (Saturday afternoon and Sunday) every month for 4 months.

A typical timetable for DBA core and DBA elective courses for reference: