CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Duration & Fees

Title Doctor of Business Administration
Level of Award Professional Doctorate
Mode Part-time
Funding Self-financing
Commencement Date September 2024
(Orientation & Residential Workshop may take place at the end of August/in early September 2024)
Duration 3 years and up; and the maximum will be 6 years depending on the topic and individual progress
Application Fee HK$800 (Online Application)
Tuition Fee For 2024/25 academic year, the tuition fee will be HK$14,900 per credit unit for coursework and thesis components, and HK$60,000 for two Residential Workshops. The estimated total programme fee is HK$909,300. 

DBA students are also required to pay a thesis examination fee by the time they are prepared to submit the thesis for assessment. Tuition fees are paid by each semester and are charged according to the number of credits taken in that semester. The workshop fee may be increased if the trip involves air travel.