CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration
College of Business, City University of Hong Kong AACSB EQUIS

CEO Forum

Year 2014

The New Frontiers: Myanmar and Cambodia

8 Dec 2014 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Mr Chris Robinson
Senior Adviser

Innovation & Information Technology Vs Financial Services: Challenges & Opportunities in HK

24 Nov 2014 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Mr Paul CHOW Man-yiu, GBS, SBS, JP
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited


30 Aug 2014 (Saturday), 6:30 PM

Mr Stanley LAU (劉展灝), SBS, BBS, MH, JP
Managing Director of Renley Watch Group & Chairman of the FHKI

EMBA Association Political Talk Series No.9 白皮書與香港政改

12 Jul 2014 (Saturday), 10:30 AM

宋立功博士 (Dr. James Sung)

解決機會分配不均的社會問題-我們的堅持 Our Perseverance in Solving Social Problems

16 Jun 2014 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Dr David Pang
CEO of Kerry Group Kuok Foundation Limited
Chairman of South China Morning Post
Director of Kerry Holdings Limited

Health Protection Scheme

29 Apr 2014 (Tuesday), 7:00 PM

Dr Ko Wing Man, BBS, JP
Secretary for Food & Health
Food and Health Bureau

Trending Upwards: Hong Kong’s Future as a Global Financial Centre

25 Mar 2014 (Tuesday), 7:00 PM

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

The Present Role of HK and How HK Can Retain its Competitiveness

17 Feb 2014 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Mr Simon WONG, JP
Kampery Group