CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

CEO Forum

Year 2016


19 Dec 2016 (Monday), 7:00 PM


Do Things Right and Do Right Things

24 Oct 2016 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Mr Sunny WONG
Executive Director
Tibet Water Resources Ltd.

EU referendum in UK: Cause and Effect to the Chinese community in UK

6 Jun 2016 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Ms Christine LEE
Founder of law firm Christine Lee & Co.
Chief Legal Advisor to Chinese EMB
Chairwoman of North London Chinese Assoc.
Advisor of All-Party-Parliamentary China GRP
Chair & Founder of British Chinese Project

人民幣國際化: 外匯及黃金市場的挑戰
RMB Internationalization : Challenges in the FOREX and Gold Market

20 May 2016 (Friday), 7:00 PM

Dr Haywood CHEUNG 張德熙博士

Mr Benny LUK 陸景生先生

On leadership and management --- Inspirations from the Golden Age of the Han and Tang Dynasties

7 Mar 2016 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Dr David Pang
CEO of Kerry Group Kuok Foundation Limited
Chairman of South China Morning Post
Director of Kerry Holdings Limited


26 Feb 2016 (Friday), 7:00 PM

Dr John Chan

Leading a Global Team

25 Jan 2016 (Monday), 7:00 PM

Mr James S. Tsien
Senior Adviser
Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd.