CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

16 Dec 2013

CityU DBA hosts students and representatives from the Lingnan - EMLYON International Executive DBA programme on 7th December 2013

On December 7th , 2013, CityU DBA programme hosted students and representatives, including Dr Liu Heng and Ms Yvonne Hu, Executive Director, from the Lingnan - EMLYON International Executive DBA Programme, which is jointly offered by the Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-Sen University in China and Emlyon Business School in France.  The purpose of the visit was to share and exchange research ideas and strengthen inter-institutional collaborations.

Prof Muammer Ozer, CityU DBA Programme Director, opened the day-long event by warmly-welcoming the visiting delegation and highlighting the importance of inter-institutional collaborations.  He also stated that although DBA students study different topics they have to go through a similar research process, which is typically very long and challenging.  As a result, he noted that it is important for both the CityU and Lingnan DBA students to share their experiences.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Yvonne Hu thanked Prof. Ozer and his team and expressed her appreciations for the wonderful opportunity to visit CityU.

The highlight of the day-long event was a structured sharing session facilitated by Prof. Ozer.  Following the guiding questions of Prof. Ozer, CityU DBA students and alumni passionately shared their experiences pertaining to various stages of the research process with the visiting students and learned from the visitors' experiences as well.

The event continued with an enjoyable lunch break where both the CityU DBA participants and the visitors had ample opportunities to network with each other and develop long-term friendships.

The event ended with an informative lecture offered by Dr Wu Xueping, CityU DBA Associated Director, about corporate finance as well as various financial tools that corporations can use to mitigate and manage their risks.