CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

30 Dec 2013

Mr Hermus Siu, our DBA Cohort 2010 learning partner, was invited to present his research findings in ABMC2013

In late Nov 2013, Mr Hermus Siu, our DBA cohort 2010 learning partner, was invited to present his research findings in ABMC 2013 the Fourth Asian Business and Management Conference held in Osaka, Japan.

The title of his presentation was “Similarity and Differences Characteristics between Successful SME Entrepreneurs and Youth Entrepreneurs”, which is part of his DBA research. His research is initiated by the questions of “Why do many young entrepreneurs fail in starting up their business?” “What is the relationship between the entrepreneurship of the successful SME entrepreneurs and the youth entrepreneurship?” “How can we help the young entrepreneurs?”

It was a successful presentation and Hermus received positive and encouraging feedback from academic experts of business and management.  To Hermus, this is a very good opportunity to not only broaden his horizon but also be connected with peer researchers from all over the world.

Hermus said “It is my first time to present in the international conference for academia. Yes, it is a valuable learning experience for me though I am not yet a scholar. I enjoyed the challenge and the process, through which I gained more confidence in my academic path.”

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