CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

14 Apr 2014

Mr Francis Cheng, our DBA Cohort 2010 learning partner, shared his research findings at the annual general meeting of Hong Kong Apparel Society

In March 2014, Francis Cheng (DBA Cohort 2010) was invited to an annual general meeting of Hong Kong Apparel Society to present his research on the relationships between organizational resilience, strategic change and firm performance.

Francis’s research focuses on Hong Kong SME manufacturing firms that were severely impacted by the worldwide financial crisis just a few years ago.  Drawing on empirical data collected from over 200 firms in the garment and electronic industries, it was found that organizational resilience and strategic change positively affect the post-crisis firm performance.

Over 40 business owners and professionals attended the presentation.  Francis said “I was excited by their interest in my research.  I also found it very important that we share the research findings with the firms who provided the data.  They are willing to provide the data to us if they know that it will help generate some good knowledge.”

CityU DBA emphasizes social impact and sharing our research findings with the industry at large. We hope to collaborate with prominent industrial associations and exchange research findings with them.