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13 May 2014 South China Morning Post newspaper 

Recognizing Excellence in Doctoral-level Business Research for the Year 2013

As one of the most prestigious and recognised Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programmes in the world, the DBA programme offered by the College of Business at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is designed for senior executives who are eager to engage in rigorous business research with practical and societal impacts. We focus on the quality of both research output as well as the research process with a one-on-one personal attention and our participants generate high quality output. We are proud to recognize the following participants and graduates of our programme for their research proposals, for their graduation with distinction or for generating high quality research with contributions to the society and knowledge during their DBA studies or after their graduation. Congratulations!

Research Design Awards

This award is given to those CityU DBA participants who generated a high-quality research design

Mr CHAN Chun Kwong (Cohort 2011)
Global Head of Digital Mobile and Channels Engineering, HSBC

Research topic
The Delivery of Financial Consultation Services to Premier Customers

Research summary
The research aims to understand interactive e-Channel adoption in the delivery of financial consultation over the internet and applicability of Social Capital to e-Channel. It aims to gain insights and perspectives into the use of interactive e-Channel to support financial consultation services, and the significance of customer relationship.

Mr HUI Siu Fu, Andrew (Cohort 2011)
Sales and Marketing Director, Asia Pacific for ALK Abello A/S

Research topic
Effects of Initial Trust in Doctor, Country of Origin, Price Sensitivity and Word-of-mouth on Medication Buying Intention of Chronic Disease Patients in China

Research summary
Under the context of unstable doctor-patient relationship in China, for practical and theoretical needs, the objective of the research is to study the main and interactive effects of initial trust in doctor, COO, WOM and price sensitivity of medication – on the prescribed medication buying intention of chronic disease patients in China.

Contribution to Society Awards

This award is given to those CityU DBA participants whose research made a significant contribution to the society

Mr SIU Hing Kwan, Hermus (Cohort 2010)
President, America High Tech Company (Hong Kong) & Zhuhai Whole Perfect Technics Limited (China)

Research topic
Factorize the Behavioral Mode of the Successful SME Entrepreneurs thus Evaluate the Relationship between the Youth Entrepreneurship

Research summary
Initiated by the problems “Why do many young entrepreneurs fail in starting up their business?” “What are the relationships between the youth entrepreneurship to the success of the SME entrepreneurs?” and “How can we help the Youth Entrepreneurs?”

Mr BENGLER Bernhard (Cohort 2011)
CEO & Founder of comm IQ Limited, Cloud Services and PEAK IT Performance Limited

Research topic
IT Organizations after the Introduction of Cloud Computing

Research summary
An analysis of the organizational changes to IT departments of corporations in APAC that evolved from the transition into hybrid cloud computing models in particular. Special focus will be on the perceived security level, the integration of identity and access management as means to manage trust in digital environments.

Contribution to Knowledge Awards

This award is given to those CityU DBA participants whose research made a significant contribution to knowledge

Mr CHEN Chao-Teng, Jordan (Cohort 2011)
Chief Investment Officer, Schroder Investment Taiwan

Research topic
Algorithm Trading and Trend-Following Trading Strategies: Analysis, Modeling and Applications in Financial Market

Research summary
First, I use specific VWAP strategy, TWAP strategy and IS strategy to trade intraday futures. I get the result that the timing risk cost of VWAP strategy is the highest and timing risk cost of IS strategy is the lowest, while the situation of market impact cost is opposite. Secondly, I construct a simple data-driven trend tracking strategy with artificial neutral network (ANN) to determine the price trend signal. I attempt to capture the small profits by intraday trading. If proper training is given, my research shows the trend-tracking strategy is able to make profits.

Graduation with Distinction Awards

This award is given to those CityU DBA participants who graduated with outstanding progress and performance

Dr CHAN Shui King, Josiah (2013 Graduate)
Executive Director,  Mizuho Securities Asia Limited

Research topic
Types of Ethnic Relations and Entrepreneurship of Chinese Migrants:  A Case Study on Remittance Letters Between Singapore and Chaoshan of China in 1921-1955

Research summary
The thesis explores the role of ethnic relations in entrepreneurship, which can be summarized in a Chinese idiom, especially in the stages of an individual’s life in enterprise development, “At home one relies on one's parents (blood and lineage relations), and outside on one's friends (geographical and occupational relationships)".

Dr NG Chui Yiu Jennifer (2013 Graduate)
Managing Director, Marshall-Karson Construction & Engineers Limited

Research topic
“Charity Fundraising Strategies in Hong Kong - Evaluation & Development”

Research summary
Firstly, to investigate fundraising methods currently adopted by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Hong Kong so as to identify the impact factors on repeat donations as well as the importance of relationship cultivations. Further, to develop a performance evaluation model to analyse switching and loyalty behaviours and to derive insights on applicable fundraising strategies.

Outstanding CityU DBA Alumni Awards

This award is given to those DBA graduates whose research made a significant contribution to the society and/or knowledge after their graduation

Dr ALSLEBEN Markus (2012 Graduate)
Chief Executive Officer of Alsleben Limited

Research topic
Creating Dynamic Capabilities - R&D Network Management for Globally Distributed Research and Development in the Software Industry

Research summary
Effective organization and management of corporate research and development in global enterprises has become a key success factor for sustainable competitive advantage. The research designs, implements and evaluates an organizational transformation for a globally dispersed R&D organization in the software industry as part of a two-year longitudinal case study at SAP, one of world’s largest software companies. 

Dr CHAN Fung Cheung, Wilson (2011 Graduate)
Senior Consultant, Hong Kong Institute of Bankers

Research topic
An Analysis of the Relationship between Choice of Interest Rate Reference and Interest Rate Risks of Corporate Borrowers

Research summary
The research focused on the interbank interest rates and found that LIBOR is a fixing at lower volatility. It provides significant insights to analyzing the mechanism of fixing regimes as well as the new development of CNH HIBOR in the Hong Kong Offshore Renminbi Centre.

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