CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

4 Jun 2014

Dr Toa Charm, CityU DBA 2014 graduate, was invited as a guest speaker in the 2014 Annual ACCA Conference in Hong Kong

Dr Toa Charm, CityU DBA 2014 graduate,  was invited as a guest speaker in the 2014 Annual ACCA Conference in Hong Kong.   This event is a part of ACCA’s worldwide annual conference series. Thousands of accounting and finance professionals all over the world attend this series of conferences in Europe, United States and Asia every year. During the panel on “Future-proofing Business and the Role of the Finance Profession”, Dr Charm shared his experience on how big data plays as a game changer to many existing industries as well as a number of professions including accounting and finance. Companies with the power of big data analytics are gaining exceptional competitive advantages over the others. To accounting and finance professionals, big data empowers them to make a big difference in their industries. For instance, big data helps them weigh investment options more accurately based on analyzing multiple sources of internal and external data, measure risks more effectively based on analyzing financial and social media data, detect frauds and do due diligence more thoroughly based on analyzing emails and voices, retrieve and analyze tons of data in many years for tougher compliance and regulatory requirement by leveraging big data technologies, etc. Big data will inevitably replace some of the current jobs in the accounting and finance industry but it will also create a number of new jobs, such as, data-savvy managers and accountants, data scientists, big data technologists, etc. Dr Charm recommended accountants and finance professionals to proactively spend more time to learn about big data and prepare the changes that big data will bring to their industries and jobs. 

Dr Toa Charm is the Founder and Chairperson, BI and Big Data Special Interest Group, Hong Kong Computer Society. His research topic in DBA study is “Impact of Organizational Capabilities on Business Intelligence Maturity and Customer Relationship Management Performance”.