CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

2 December 2015

2015 DBA Congregation Reception and Presentation of DBA Awards on 20 November 2015

CityU DBA and CityU-Fudan IDBA programmes jointly hosted a graduation lunch reception on 20 November 2015.  Over one hundred participants, including 2015 graduates and their family members, current learning partners, alumni and faculty members attended and celebrated the success of our 2105 graduates.

Prof. Ozer, DBA Programme Director, and Prof. Lu Changjiang, IDBA Fudan Programme Director, congratulated the graduates and highlighted the meaning and importance of  receiving a DBA degree.

In a subsequent separate session for our DBA programme, Prof. Ozer talked about the research generated by this year’s graduates and presented the DBA Graduation with Distinction Award to Dr. CK Chan, Dr. Andrew Hui (Mrs. Hui on his behalf), and Dr. Eric Leung. We congratulate all of this year’s graduates and the winners of this year’s DBA Graduation Distinction Award.