CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

23 January 2017

Showcasing CityU DBA research with high impact

Dr. Barry Lee, a recent graduate of the College of Business Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme, presented in a public seminar his DBA research on Motives and Factors Affecting the Internationalization of Engineering Firms on 16th January 2017 at CityU campus.

The event was jointly organized by the CityU DBA programme and the four leading engineering learned societies in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Branch of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Mechanical, Marine, Naval Architecture and Chemical Division of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, the Hong Kong Branch of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, and the Hong Kong Waste Management Association.  The event was the first time ever these four prestigious engineering institutions organized a joint event and has attracted nearly 150 participants from the Engineering and Business sectors in Hong Kong.

The event kicked off with an opening speech by the Director of DBA Programme, Prof. Muammer Ozer, who donated his Teaching Excellence Award Grant to sponsor research sharing seminars and disseminate CityU DBA research in the society.

In his opening remarks, Prof. Ozer warmly welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of Dr. Lee’s presentation, especially the role of the engineering firms and international business in Hong Kong.  He indicated the timeliness and relevance of the presentation and how it can help engineering firms in Hong Kong improve their global competiveness.

As the financial and the academic sponsor of the event, Prof. Ozer also explained how the seminar reflected his vision for the CityU DBA programme.  He stated that Dr. Lee’s presentation showed just one example of the high quality knowledge generated at the CityU DBA programme. He further indicated that the generated knowledge can be meaningful and impactful if it is shared in the society.  He expressed his appreciation of the opportunity to share this DBA research with the members of the different prestigious Engineering Institutions in Hong Kong because there was really no better platform to share it than sharing it with the members of these institutions.

Dr. Lee shared with the audience his research on how engineering firms in Hong Kong can expand into the global markets. His sharing has brought insights to the participants and spun off meaningful questions and discussion.

Prof. Ozer, finally thanked all the participants for coming, Dr. Lee for his presentation, and all the different Engineering Institutions for making this event possible.  He also expressed his hopes that this would be just the beginning of the partnership with the different Engineering Institutions and desires to have more similar events in future.

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