CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

15 March 2017

Congratulations to Mr Frank Leung, CityU DBA Learning Partner, Winner of “Entrepreneur of The Year” at the GG2 Leadership Awards 2016

Mr Frank Leung, our DBA learning partner from Cohort 2014, has been awarded the Entrepreneur of The Year at the GG2 Leadership Awards 2016. Organized by the Asian Media & Marketing Group, a media company in Britain, a total of eleven GG2 Leadership Awards were given to recognize high-achievers who inspired and motivated their peers, and to those who made significant contribution and impact on the lives of others across all ethnic communities. Echoing DBA’s emphasis on bringing positive impact to the society, Mr Leung set a great example with his achievements. Our heartiest congratulations to Mr Leung!

Mr Leung, currently President of The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd., first established his footwear manufacturing business in Dongguan, China over a decade ago. As his business grew, he set up another manufacturing facility in Ethiopia, where the industry of leather thrived. He was faced with various challenges in Ethiopia, such as issues with importing machineries and local workers’ rights, religions and culture. In order to overcome these challenges to progress and to succeed in his business, Mr Leung decided to tackle the problems at hand with an intellectual solution -- participating in the CityU DBA programme.

The DBA programme helped Mr Leung understand and analyze the challenges from different perspectives. Throughout the years in Ethiopia, he understood the local culture and their needs better by asserting effort on improving internal communications. In return, efficiency of the production line was significantly enhanced, and the GG2 Leadership Award is the best accolade in recognition of his contribution to the local communities.