CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

20 March 2017

Dr Haywood Cheung, DBA Graduate, published his thesis in the UK

Dr Haywood Cheung, graduated in 2014 and awarded the Honorary Fellow by CityU in 2016, has recently published his doctoral dissertation in the UK. The book “Gold and International Finance: The Gold Market under the Internationalization of RMB in Hong Kong” discusses gold as a financial instrument, its exchange in major markets, and its development and implications in the markets.

Dr Cheung, currently the Chairman of Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited, also serves as the Term President and the Permanent Honorary President of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society, Chairman of Shenzhen Qianhai Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Limited, Chairman of Hong Kong Precious Metals Exchange Limited, Permanent President of Hong Kong Precious Metals Traders Association Limited and President of the New Territories General Chamber of Commerce.

With over 30 years’ experience in metals trading, securities and futures brokerage and forex dealing, he has the most relevant expertise to conduct the research – Study of Gold Market under the Internationalization of RMB in Hong Kong