CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

31 January 2019

Sharing Impactful DBA Research in the Apparel Global Sourcing Industry

Our DBA learning partner, Ms Lynne Sprugel (Cohort 2016), was invited as guest speaker in the 11th Annual Global Sourcing Day 2018 held at The Cordis Hong Kong on 30th November 2018. CityU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme was again one of the sponsors of this year’s event.

This year’s event was themed on “Prepare for Change: Empower the Supply Chain Ecosystem and Trade beyond the Future.” The topics included supply chain, globalization, retail management, collaboration, social compliance and corporate governance. The event brought together business leaders and experts from many strands of the worldwide sourcing industry to share their experiences and expertise on their disciplines and attracted over 150 participants.

The event was kicked off with an Opening Remarks by Mr Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software (the event organizer), followed by various presentations and panel discussions by professionals throughout the day.

As a learning partner of CityU DBA programme, Lynne shared with the audience her research on “Shift Disruptions” in the Apparel Global Sourcing Landscape. She presented her DBA research findings on the new meaning of “Shift” that are driving disruptions affecting the apparel global sourcing landscape with outcome of identification, assessment and mitigation of traditional against emerging risks.

Her presentation offered insights to the participants and spun off meaningful questions and fruitful discussions.