CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

28 May 2019

DBA holds Residential Workshop in Taipei

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programme has organised a Residential Workshop II from 17th to 19th May in Taipei.

Led by Prof Muammer Ozer, Director of the DBA Programme, and Dr Sidney Leung, Associate Director, learning partners from the 2017 cohort were guided in preparing their thesis proposals during the workshop. They were divided into groups to present their research proposals. The learning partners received feedback from faculty members and fellow students.

Apart from Prof Ozer and Dr Leung, the following faculty members took part in the workshop:

  • Dr Gang Hao, Associate Professor of the Department of Management Sciences
  • Dr Yaxuan Qi, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance
  • Dr David Xu, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems
  • Dr Yanni Yan, Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing
  • Dr Shipeng Yan, Assistant Professor of the Department of Management

The residential workshop also invited DBA alumni, Dr Joseph Au (2018) and Dr CK Chan (2015), and learning partners from the 2016 cohort, Ms Anna Chan and Mr Rajeev Chib, to share their experiences and tips in preparing thesis proposals and completing the DBA program.