CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration
College of Business, City University of Hong Kong AACSB EQUIS

16 September 2019

Orientation and Residential Workshop for DBA Cohort 2019

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme welcomed the new DBA students with a three-day Orientation and Residential Workshop I held in Macau from 30th August to 1st September.

Prof Muammer Ozer, Director of the DBA programme, warmly welcomed the new cohort in his opening remarks, followed by an informative presentation by Dr Sidney Leung, Associate Director of the DBA programme, on course and administration matters of the DBA learning journey.

As part of the intensive workshop, Prof Ozer introduced the research process and highlighted the critical aspects of generating high quality research. The following departmental representatives also introduced research in their respective disciplines:

  • Dr Sidney Leung, Associate Professor of Department of Accountancy
  • Prof Yue Ma, Head of Department of Economics and Finance
  • Prof Leon Zhao, Chair Professor of Department of Information Systems
  • Dr Andrew Chan, Associate Professor of Department of Management
  • Dr Maggie Dong, Associate Professor of Department of Marketing
  • Dr Geoffrey Tso, Associate Head of Department of Management Sciences

During the workshop several guest speakers including Mr Joao AndrĂ© Neiva of Cohort 2018, Ms Judy Feng of Cohort 2017, and Ms Anna Chan of Cohort 2016, as well as 2015 alumnus Dr Andrew Hui, shared the challenges and rewards of their DBA journey.

As a learning partner of CityU DBA programme, Rajeev shared some of his thoughts from his research that focuses on leadership and the millennials generation. It was followed by a panel discussion across a diverse group of professionals across banking, asset management, academia and the police. The panel also shared with the audience that while generational differences do exist, it is important to value diversity and inclusion, understand employees, let employees speak up, and share vision and mission and mutual understanding and respect. All these topics stimulated constructive discussions on the cross-generational culture and leadership.