CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

16 October 2019

Professor CK Chan, DBA Graduate, published his paper in Internet Research

Prof CK Chan, graduated in 2015, has recently published his paper, co-authored with Prof Yulin Fang of our Department of Information Systems and Dr Huifang Li of University of Science and Technology of China, in Internet Research.

The paper “Relative Advantage of Interactive Electronic Banking Adoption by Premium Customers: The Moderating Role of Social Capital” is to develop a nuanced understanding of premium customers’ intent to adopt an interactive electronic channel (IEC) and the moderating role of social capital on perceived relative advantage (RA) in adoption. The study findings are based on a field survey that investigates the launching of an IEC by a leading international bank in Hong Kong. Among social capital dimensions, cognitive capital significantly weakens the relationship between efficacy of information acquisition and IEC adoption, while relational capital enhances the relationship between trust and adoption. The findings provide insights for the practice of banks when trying to deliver financial services via an IEC to the premium customer segment.

Internet Research is an international, refereed journal that aims to describe, assess and foster understanding of the role of wide-area, multi-purpose computer networks such as the Internet. The Internet continues to gather influence and momentum, and it becomes increasingly important to be aware of the potential applications of this powerful resource throughout professional, political, personal and academic life. Research that develops theoretical insights and understanding on topics and issues addressing the potential social, ethical, economic and political implications which arise from mass public access to information resources are strongly encouraged.