CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

13 December 2019

2019 DBA Graduation Lunch Reception and DBA Award Presentation Ceremony

CityU DBA programme hosted a graduation lunch reception and award presentation ceremony on 7 December 2019 where the 2019 DBA graduates and their family members, learning partners, alumni, and faculty members gathered together to share the joyful moment and celebrate the success of the graduates.

Prof Muammer Ozer, DBA Programme Director, gave a congratulatory speech to the graduates for the successful completion of their DBA degree and encouraged them to continue lifting the spirit of learning and sharing their knowledge with others.

Another highlight of the event was the award presentation to a devoted graduate, Dr Lynne Marie Sprugel, who received the Outstanding CityU DBA Graduate Award in recognition of her dedication and effort in her research that had made substantial contributions to knowledge and society.

We congratulate all of the 2019 DBA graduates and are proud of their achievements. We sincerely hope that they continue to create new knowledge and contribute to the society.