CityU DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Coursework Component (27 Credit Units (CU))
(Applicable to 2016 Cohort and thereafter)

The coursework or taught component is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in research skills and business knowledge through 1.5 to 2 years' study of taught courses.

Research methodology training is an essential part of the DBA programme and will include: research design; data collection and analysis; the application of various research methods; management of research projects; and research presentation.

The Coursework Component includes I. Core Courses and II. Electives:

I. Core Courses (15 CU)

  • Methodology for Applied Business Research I (3CU)
  • Methodology for Applied Business Research II (3CU)
  • Methodology for Applied Business Research III (3CU)
  • Two Residential Workshops (4CU)
  • Research Development Workshop (2CU)

II. Electives (12 CU)

Electives allow students who are not MBA or EMBA graduates to obtain broad foundation knowledge in business management. Those with MBA or EMBA degrees can select specialised courses to widen their knowledge of chosen fields.

More than 130 Master's degree courses are offered each year in the College. Students can attend elective courses either in intensive mode (4-6 weeks per course) or normal mode (13 weeks per course). Three electives are specially offered for DBA participants including two courses in the form of independent study and one on research writing. Independent Study and Research Writing equip students with the knowledge and skills to prepare and write their research proposal and final thesis.

Credit Transfers

Credit transfers are permitted only for relevant formal studies at the postgraduate level that have been attained from recognised institutions in the last six years. A high level of competency should be demonstrated in the completed graduate coursework for which a credit transfer is requested.

Credit transfers should normally be limited to a maximum of 50% of the elective component of the programme.

Attendance Mode

Since most DBA students are senior executives with busy schedules, it is planned that only one core course (Research Methodology) will be offered each semester. Intensive mode of attendance will be adopted - students may be required to attend a total of 3-4 weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) in one semester for a 3-credit course with about 3 weeks between each class meeting so that students will have sufficient time to prepare for their next class meeting.

Attendance mode for most electives will either be in intensive mode (4 to 6 weeks per course) or normal mode (13 weeks per course).

Progression to Thesis

A rigorous quality assurance system will be adopted to ensure the smooth progression of study.

Proposals for independent work must be approved by the Qualifying Panel on the basis of a submission and oral defence and conducted under the supervision of the Qualifying Panel.

Students can start their theses only if

  1. their proposals have been approved by the Qualifying Panels;
  2. they have attained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in core research methodology courses of the coursework component.