Head's Message

With over 30 academics, the Department of Management Sciences is a leader in research and teaching in Business Statistics and Operations Management / Operations Research

A dynamic and energetic department

The Department hosts two disciplines, Business Statistics and Operations Management/Operations Research, with strengths in areas including behaviour modelling, econometrics, financial engineering, game theory, healthcare analytics, inventory models, machine learning, pricing and revenue management, quantitative finance, service operations, statistical methodology, stochastic simulations, and supply chain management.

Our cutting-edge research has led us to be ranked 3rd in Hong Kong, 4th in Asia, and 35th in the world in the UTD Business School Rankings (2016-2020) based on research publications in the six most prestigious academic journals in Operations Management/Operations Research. The majority of our faculty earned their PhDs from the world’s most renowned universities, and many of them are serving on editorial boards of academic journals of high international repute. As a student of the department, you will be taught by academics who are leading experts in their fields.


The department is committed to developing an environment conducive to cultivating and inspiring students and faculty. This is possible only through the measurable scholarship of our faculty, continued success of our students and alumni, and the strong support from our administrative staff. Our goal is to pursue excellence in research and teaching that equals the best in the world.

What do we offer

We offer two undergraduate programmes: BBA in Business Decision Analytics (BBABDAN) and BBA in Global Operations (BBAGOM), in addition to our Master programmes, the MSc in Business and Data Analytics (MScBDA) and MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (MScOSCM). These programmes provide insights into business practices and equip students with analytical techniques that have proved to be critical to the success of organisations and companies. These skills are especially important in this era of “big data” for understanding and developing solutions for complex problems. Outside the classroom our students have the opportunity to engage in internship programme, which is an example of the strength of our close connections with the business sector. We also offer a PhD programme that provides specialist research training that leads to a wide range of careers in government, industry, as well as the traditional academic research path.


Our graduates have been in great demand across different sectors, and many of them have gone on to distinguished careers in business, finance, government and academia. Indeed, our disciplines represent an area with very strong employment prospects. The U.S. News & World Report 2020 ranks Statisticians, Operations Research Analysts, and Business Operations Managers as the #1, #4, and #9 best business jobs respectively. The high demand for these professions are expected to continue as we enter the new era of analytics and business intelligence.
I invite you to explore our website for a virtual tour, or visit us in person. You will be impressed by the achievements of our dynamic department.

Alan Wan
Professor Alan Wan
Head of Department