ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course


About American Society for Quality

Founded in 1946 with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, American Society for Quality (ASQ) has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s corporations, organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges. ASQ provides the quality community with world class training, worldwide recognized professional certifications, and promote novel knowledge to a vast network of members of the global quality community.

ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course

ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course is designed for those new to the world of Six Sigma who have a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge. Yellow belts can be entry level employees that seek to improve their world or executive champions who require an overview of Six Sigma and DMAIC. Upon completion of the course and passing the examination, students would be awarded the Certificate of Completion issued by ASQ Training Institute®. In this course, a new session about Business Innovation is added to introduce state-of-the-art management tools for strategic planning, and idea generation.

Participant List

  • Au Man Ching
  • Chan Chun Ip Marco
  • Chan Hiu Ching
  • Chan Tat Wai```
  • Chan Tsz Yan
  • Chau Hiu tung
  • Chong Wing Tung
  • Chow Man Yi
  • Chung Wing Sum
  • Hon Kam Yu
  • Ip Ki Kwan
  • Kong Tsz Ying
  • Kwok Tsz Ting
  • Lai Tsz Hin
  • Lam Hiu Yan
  • Lam Sum Yi
  • Lau Pui Yin
  • Leung Hoi Lun
  • Leung Sin Ting
  • Leung Sze Ki
  • Lo Kin Hei
  • Lo Pui Yin
  • Lok Cheuk Ting
  • Lui Tse Wai Jayce
  • Mak Wing Sze
  • Ng Wing Kei
  • Poon King Tin
  • Tam Wai Leung
  • Tan Yong Pei
  • Tse Ping Kwong
  • Wang Jett
  • Wong Po Yung
  • Wong Tsun Ming
  • WONG Wan Wai
  • Yeung Wing Yiu
  • Yip Pak Lam
  • Yip Yan Pui Grace
  • Yuen Wing Yi
  • Yung Wai Lun


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