Study Tours

BOM offers a weekly-long study tour for students to gain a unique cultural learning experience. Company visits with diverse industries are arranged to aid students in acquiring the first-hand knowledge about the latest trends and development of business operations management. Moreover, students are encouraged to exchange ideas and to explore new ways of learning resources from industry executives. This enables our students to expand their professional network and to build self-confidence that helps them achieve goals and accomplishment.

Student Participants’ Sharing

“During the Study Tour, it has been fascinating to learn about the state-of-the-art technologies and best practices of various industries. Several highlights include NISSAN's just-in-time manufacturing approach that assembles an entire automobile within 2 hours upon customer order; TOYO Rice Corporation's strict quality control to produce the worlds most expensive and the highest quality rice which contributing to the eco-environment through its sustainable best practices.”

“We were highly impressed with the strict quality of FANCL's production with preservative-free cosmetic products. Raw materials that have cleared inspection are accurately weighed and mixed in vacuum-emulsifiers while heated. They are thorough about eliminating any ingredients that may result in skin problems and choose to use only raw materials that are confirmed to be safe and functional.”

“The YAMATO group Haneda Chronogate logistics provides both domestic and international door-to-door parcel delivery service (Ta-Q-Bin 宅急便) to meet customers’ comprehensive needs.  They provide a wide variety of value-added services at their logistics centres including inventory management, packing, labelling, wrapping or sample attachment, services to lower shipper's warehousing and cost.”

 “We could experience the Japanese culture and appreciate its highly disciplined manner in their workplace as well as the courteous approach from various corporations. The invaluable insights and reflections gained from these experiences would definitely help us better prepare for our future career development.”

The just-in-time approach invented by Toyota Motor Corporation is a classic case for operation courses. We were able to answer questions raised by the speaker to win some little special gifts.”
“When we were dining in the Izakaya, we discovered that the English translation was inaccurate which confused us before we had seen the pictures. This was exactly what we discussed from the Hospitality Management course, the importance of having “accuracy in menu’ in a restaurant.”

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