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毕业年份 毕业生 论文题目 摘要
2013 罗建荣 Research on Psychological Mechanisam Impacting on Chinese Attorney's Job Satisfaction: A Social Idenity Theory Perspective
影响中国律师工作满意度的心理机制研究 (社会身份认同理论的视角)
2013 谈义良 Owner Leadership Behavior and Managers' Reactions in Chinese Family Enterprises: A Leadership-Style Perspective
中国家族企业主领导行为与职业经理人响应 - 基于领导理论视角的实证研究
2014 陈文韬 Influencing Mechanism of Managers’ Career Competencies on Career Satisfaction: On the Effect of Person-Environment Fit and Career Consultation
经理人的职业竞争力对其职业满意度的影响机制研究 ― 论人-环境匹配和职业咨询的作用
2014 黄俊涛 Ownership Structure and IPO Underpricing: Evidence from Private Listed Companies in China
2014 李怀彬 A Study on Political Connection, Resource Acquisition Ability and Firm Value of Real Estate Enterprise
2014 湛育红 Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on China’s Seed Industry
2014 边华才 An Empirical Study on the Influencing Mechanism of Identity on Employees' Behavior: Mediated Role in Psychological Contract Violation
2014 姜信雨 The Research on the Relationship between Leadership Style, Followship and Organizational Commitment: Focus on the Korean Enterprises invested in China
2014 张标 A Study of the Relationships among Community Satisfaction, Self-efficacy and Subjective Well-being of Shanghai Elder Adults: Using WHO Age-friendly Cities Guide as an Example
上海高龄者友好小区满意度、自我效能、主观幸福感关系之研究 – 以WHO高龄友好指标为例
2014 朱如华 Research about How Traits of Entrepreneur, Innovative Ability and Social Networks Affect Enterprise Transformation from OEM to OBM — Based on Empirical Surveys of China’s Textile Industry
企业家特质、企业创新能力与社会网络对OEM向OBM转型的影响研究 — 基于中国纺织产业的实证
2015 李胜 On Shipping and Shipbuilding Cycles: The Perspective of Volatility Analysis
2015 姜丛华 The Effects of Human Capital on Performance in Professional Service Firms and Its Mechanism: Perspectives of Knowledge Integration and Partners’ Leadership
专业服务型企业人力资本对绩效的影响及其机制研究 — 基于知识整合与合伙人领导行为的视角
2015 江静 Research on Effect Factors of Crisis Management Performance: Based on 118 Cases
危机管理绩效影响因素研究 — 基于118个案例
2015 马伟强 The Impacts of Entrepreneurial Cognition and Social Network on Firm’s Performance: The Evidence from Real Estate Firms in China
2015 陈建良 The Effects of Organizational Equity on Work Well-being in the Context of Multiple Employment Contracts
2015 胡建秋 An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Entertainment Marketing Based on Consumers’ Emotional Reaction
2015 胡志伟 A Strategy to Establish Brands for Creative Enterprises – A Perspective from the Brand Trust Transfer
创意公司品牌塑造 — 基于品牌信任转移的视角
2015 华家蓉 The Empirical Analysis of Influence of Board Secretary on IPO Underpricing – Evidence from Chinese Non-State Owned Firms
2015 黄卫东 An Empirical Study on Chinese Multinational Engineering Enterprise Localized Management in Africa – Based on Enterprise Image Perspective
中国涉外工程企业本土化管理对企业绩效的影响机制研究 — 基于非洲目标国和企业形象视角
2015 刘秀忠 The Research on the Mechanism of How Transformational Leadership Influences Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Teams
2015 乔文湘 The Impact of Lawyer’s Service on Firm’s Internal Control and Its Mechanism
2015 黄飞雄 The Research of the Relationship among Employees' Psychological Capital, Organizational Justice, Trust in Leaders and Affective Commitment
2015 贾宗达 A Comparison Study on Chinese Firms’ Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
2015 唐恋炯 Audit Office Number, Size and Audit Quality
2015 涂海洪 The Change of Earnings Management around CFO Turnover
2015 吴子申 The Effects of Pre-reward on Job Performance and Its Mechanisms
2015 徐海宁 Operational Efficiency of Branches of Securities Company: Impact of Internet Finance and Wealth Management Business
证券分支机构经营效率研究 — 基于互联网金融和财富管理视角
2015 杨自江 Factors of Financial Lease Performance and the Mechanism
2015 曾旭 Informed Trading before Analyst Recommendation Changes – Based on China’s Margin Trading
分析师评级调整前的知情交易行为 — 基于中国融资融券数据的研究
2016 于良 The Research on Industry Transformation and Upgrading in Resource-exhausted Cities - A Case Study of Zaozhuang City
2016 林海川 A Study on the Mechanism of Interpersonal and Informational Justice’s effect on
Employee’s Performance
2016 韩旭 A Data Analysis of Chinese Lotto Industry
2016 杨刚 Fairness-Oriented Task Allocation and Scheduling: A Study for Outbound Logistics in a Leading Chinese Steel Manufacturer
2016 赵技敏 An Empirical Study on the Influence of Competitive Advantage to the Competitive Strategy of Enterprise ─ Case Study of Chinese Brewage Industry
競爭優勢對企業競爭對抗策略影響之實證研究 ─ 以中國啤酒行業為例
2016 戴黔锋 Incentive Mechanisms of Project-based Knowledge Workers: An Empirical Study Based on Self-determination Theory
2016 范朝斌 Research on Impacts of Online Social Group on Customer Purchase Behavior under Social Commerce Context
2016 李咏水 An Empirical Study on the Performance of Smart Factory ─ Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise
企業智慧化程度對企業績效的影響 ─ 以中國製造企業為例
2016 刘猛 The Mechanism of the Effects of Privatization of Hospital on Patients' Welfare
2016 楼群 Research on the Risk Control of Small Loan: Based on the Relationship Lending Theory
2016 吴荣光 Investigating Employees' Infusion of Information Systems at Work: A Motivation-Opportunity-Ability (MOA) Perspective
2016 叶齐 Building Successful Local Brands: An Institutional Analysis of Chinese Sportswear Brands
2016 于教清 Research on the Relation among Product Selection, Business Model and Corporation Performance: Based on the Real Estate Corporates
產品選擇、商業模式與企業績效的關係研究 ─ 基於房地產企業的實證
2016 曾静 Influence Factors and Mechanism of Employee Execution: From the Perspective of Role Stress
員工執行力的影響機制研究 ─  基於角色壓力的視角
2016 陈燮中 The Impact of Economic News and Future Market on Treasury Prices ─ Evidence from China Treasury Market
宏觀經濟信息與期貨對國債市場的影響 ─ 中國國債市場實證分析
2016 陈颖 A Framework for Analyzing Cross Sector Development and Extension Strategies of Commercial Real Estate Companies
2016 黄韵涛 The Study of Trust Mechanism in Chinese Private Enterprises ─ Based on Resource Dependence and Network Embeddedness Perspective
中國民營企業間信任機制研究 ─ 資源依賴與關係網絡嵌入
2016 李岷纲 Antecedents of Customer Satisfaction and Impact on Customer Loyalty in TV Shopping
2016 李阳 A Study on the Influence from Sources of CEO on Firm Performance and Its Mechanisms
2016 严圣军 The Effects of Stock Incentive Plans in Private Listed Companies ─ In Perspective of Actual Controllers
民營上市公司股權激勵效果研究 ─ 基於實際控制人的視角
2016 楊雅婷 Influence of Taiwanese Leaders' and Their Mainland Chinese Subordinates' CQ Congruence on LMX: The Moderating Role of Leaders' Traditionality
臺灣領導 ─ 大陸下屬文化智商融合與LMX的關係研究 ─ 領導傳統性的調節作用
2016 张道舜 Risk Forecast Model for Online P2P Lending Platform
2016 郑方顺 The Research on the Mechanism of How Executive Managerial Coaching Behavior and Aggressive Humor Influence Subordinates' Engagement
2017 陳坤校 The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Enterprises Performance
2017 徐一凡 Will Value Difference Between the Two Generations Affect Inheritance Performance: Evidence from 98 Private Companies in Zhejiang Province in China
2017 范文韬 Study on Dynamic Adjustment Models of the Price Limit Level and Margin Level of Futures Contracts
2017 李俊伟 The Motivations and Effects of Hedging: Evidence from the Listed Steel Enterprises in China
2017 罗群 How Transformational Leadership Influences Employee Engagement: The Self-Determination Theory Perspective
2017 史寶鳳 An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Combination of Industry and Education and Talent Training Performance
2017 邹志平 The Influence of Market Orientation on Firm Innovation and Performance: An Example of Chinese Exploration and Design Industry
2017 黄子华 Psychological Capital and Job Performance: The Mediating Role of Achievement Motivation
2017 解尚明 A Study of Chinese Hotel Service Model: Mysterious Utilities Derived from Family-Like Management
2017 祝永进 Ownership Structure, Market Environment and Firm Value: Evidences from China’s Non-listed Firms
2017 郭立 The Effects of Empowering Leadership on Employee Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior - A Comparative Analysis Based on Three Mediation Mechanisms
授權型領導行爲對員工工作滿意度和組織公民行爲的影響研究 — 基於三個中介機制的比較分析
2017 卫志勇 An Empirical Investigation of Factors Influencing Offline to Online Interaction of Outdoor Advertising
2017 赵明旺 The Mechanism of Employees’ Core Self-evaluation and Work Performance
2018 范斌 Research on the Influencing Factors of Market Capitalization of Chinese Listed Companies
2018 潘丽华 Research on Trust Transfer during the Transformation from Agency Enterprise to Chain Service Enterprise of Auto Accessories
2018 陈定通 An Empirical Research on Inheritance Mechanism of Chinese Time-honored Brand Firms
2018 林椿 Research on the Consensus Expectation Rating in Chinese Stock Market: Group Independence and Value
2018 王小沙 Research on the Impact of Cooperative Innovation Relationship Model on Innovation Behavior and Performance in Industrial Clusters
產業集群合作創新關係模式對創新行為與績效的影響 — 以上海張江國家自主創新示範區ICT產業集群為例
2018 陈锦石 Entrepreneur's Personality and Its Impact on Performance: A Research on Firm Group's Management & Control
 企業家個性特徵及其對績效的影響 -- 基於企業集團管控程度的研究
2018 陈小平 The Relationship between Dual Embeddedness of Parent Company, Dynamic Capability and Organizational Performance - Taking Real Estate Industry as an Example
母公司雙重嵌入性、動態能力與企業績效的關係 - 以地產行業為樣本
2018 侯毅 The Goal Realization and Determinant Factors of Cross-border M&As by Chinese Enterprises – An Empirical Study of Chinese Manufacturing Industries 
中國企業跨境併購的目的實現及其影響因素 – 中國製造業企業實證分析
2018 李萍 Exploring the Impact Mechanism of Self-monitoring on Sales Performance - The Example of Real Estate Salespersons
自我監控對銷售業績的影響機制研究 - 以房地產銷售人員為例
2018 梁文红 The Effect of Entrepreneurial Team Heterogeneity and Governance on Entrepreneurial Performance
2018 智刚 Research on the Behavior of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Industry with Excess Capacity
2018 陈梓红 The Influence of Feedforward Control on Enterprise Performance and Its Mechanism
2018 焦佑麒 Understanding Inter-organizational System, Supply Chain Collaboration and Performance under Environmental Uncertainty 
2018 杜楠 The Mechanism of Empowerment Leadership and Work Performance
2018 黄文雄 Research on Management of F2C Financial Products on Internet Wealth Management Platform 
2018 孟宪忠 Relationship Norms and Decision-Making Strategies - Gift Purchasing Behavior in Health Care Product Market 
關係規範與決策模式 - 保健品送禮行為探究
2018 王国雄 Firm Resource Attributes and Business Model Innovation: Evidence from Real Estate Industry 
2018 翁斌 The Platformization and Influence Factors of Architectural Industrial Park
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