BBA Courses Offered by the Department

CB2021 Big Data Management
CB2022 Business Programming with Spreadsheet
CB2023 Mobile Applications for Business
CB2500 Information Management
GE1201 Information Management and Its Social Impact
GE1206 Accelerating Professional Growth on the Web
GE1212 Building Personal and Firm Images in the Digital Society
GE2242 Conducting Online Commerce in China
GE2257 Mobile Applications for Business
GE2323 Mobile Social Networks: Practices, Challenges, and Beyond
GE2335 Business Programming with Spreadsheet
IS2239 Data Structure and Algorithms
IS2502 Social Media and Social Networks
IS2505 E-Business
IS3000 Management of Global Technology Business Services
IS3100 Techniques for Big Data
IS3230 Information Systems Construction
IS3237 Information Services for Business Organizations
IS3331 Database Management
IS3430 Systems Analysis and Design
IS3501 Cybersecurity for Business
IS4030 Website Design for e-Commerce
IS4032 Mobile Apps
IS4034 Information Products and Services Design
IS4040 Global Technology Business Ventures
IS4133 Cloud Services and Big Data Analytics
IS4237 Social Network Services for Business
IS4238 Internship I
IS4239 Internship II
IS4246 Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
IS4333 Human-Computer Interaction for Business
IS4335 Data Visualization
IS4340 Search Engine Optimization
IS4435 Governance & Regulatory Compliance for Financial Information Systems
IS4500 Information Systems Project Management
IS4532 Project Management and Outsourcing
IS4537 Information Systems Audit
IS4538 O2O Services
IS4543 Risk Management and Information Systems Control
IS4546 Social, Legal and Ethical Issues of the Internet
IS4632 Global Business Systems Strategy and Tactical Management
IS4636 Business Process and Service Management
IS4650 Global Business Technology Consulting
IS4730 Marketing Analytics
IS4822 Analytics for Financial Services
IS4823 Knowledge Management for Global Business
IS4834 Business Intelligence and Analytics
IS4835 Information Management for Financial Services
IS4837 Delivery Systems for Financial Services
IS4861 Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics
IS4931 Information Management Development Project
IS4937 Information Management Consulting Project I
IS4938 Information Management Consulting Project II
IS4940 Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship
JC4002 Legal, Ethical & Security Issues in MIM
JC4003 MIM Final Year Project