Professor Stephen Shum wins Decision Sciences Journal Best Paper Award

Professor Stephen Shum

Professor Stephen Shum and his coauthors Tao Zhang, Gang Li and T.C. Edwin Cheng, received the Best Paper Award at the Decision Sciences Institute 2021 Annual Conference. Their winning paper, titled “Consumer Inter-Product Showrooming and Information Service Provision in an Omni-Channel Supply Chain,” was published in the Decision Sciences Journal in October 2020.

In their research, Professor Shum and his co-authors, develop a theoretical model to investigate consumer inter-product showrooming (inter-SR) behavior and the information service provision in an omni-channel supply chain. This is the behavior of inspecting one product offline but buying a different or related product online, is critical to firms' decisions.

“I am honoured to receive the award. I am thankful to the College and the Department of Management Sciences which provide a resourceful and supportive environment for knowledge exchange and research excellence,” said Professor Shum.

Professor Shum was born in Hong Kong, and had primary and secondary education in the city. He received his PhD in Operations Research from MIT. He conducts research in supply chain management, revenue management and the operations-marketing interface, and he teaches courses in operations management and revenue management. He has received RGC GRF grant for numerous research projects. He was awarded the Dean's Research Excellence Award in 2019 and the College of Business Teaching Excellence Award in 2020. He is also the Associate Dean (Research and Faculty) of the College.