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The Department of Accountancy has been a leading provider of accounting education and research in Hong Kong as well as in the Asia-Pacific region. We strive to accomplish excellence in professional education and research in the mainstream areas of accounting and related disciplines. As a constituent department of the College of Business, we are an integral part of a business school in the Greater China region to be double accredited by AACSB and EQUIS. The Department is one of the youngest and most energetic powerhouses of accounting education and research in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region. We have maintained close relationships with the Hong Kong accounting profession, for example, by regularly providing consultancy and staff training services to Big 4 accounting firms in Hong Kong.

Our undergraduate program is among the most popular accounting programs in Hong Kong. We aim to provide our students with wide exposures to the global business environment and to nurture their ability to adapt to rapidly changing industry demands: to this end, in the past five years, about 80%* of our students undertook at least one of our major developmental programs such as international student exchanges, overseas immersions, study tours or local and international internships during their university lives.

Graduates from our undergraduate programs have an excellent employment record: in most years, over 97%* of them were engaged in full-time employment or further studies.  Over the years, our graduates from both undergraduate and post-graduate programs have played an important leadership role in the Hong Kong accounting profession as well as in other business sectors, including the government, banking and other financial services industries and various non-profit and public organizations.

The Department has established a strong research team with a well-balanced combination of senior and junior researchers. In an attempt to maintain an international research network and to boost research collaborations with overseas universities, the Department has regularly invited internationally renowned scholars. We are regularly offering faculty research workshops to accounting researchers and doctoral students which are open to all researchers in the Hong Kong academic research community. We also maintain internal research workshops called Brown-Bag that are open to our own faculty and doctoral students. As part of the Department’s research initiative, we are publishing two academic journals: (1) China Journal of Accounting Research (CJAR) jointly with Sun Yat-Sen University; and (2) Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics jointly with National Taiwan University and the Department of Economics and Finance, City University of Hong Kong. In addition, the Department has regularly hosted the Annual CJAR Symposium jointly with Sun Yat-Sen University.

Recently, our faculty members have been very successful in securing large-scale research grants from the Hong Kong government. Our faculty members have also been very successful in having their papers published in or accepted for top-tier journals in the areas of accounting and finance, including The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of Banking and Finance and Journal of Corporate Finance.

Combining education and research, the Department is offering a very active Ph.D. Program in Accounting, and has been very successful in placing Ph.D. graduates at other universities in Hong Kong and overseas. Furthermore, our Ph.D. graduates have been successful in publishing their papers in top-tier journals such as The Accounting Review and Journal of Accounting and Economics.     

We welcome your continued visits to our website and are here to assist you with all of your academic needs. 

*based on the latest graduate survey