Department of Accountancy
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Internship Programme

AC4383 Enrollment

Students who have successfully received internship offers via the Department of Accountancy will automatically be enrolled in the credit-bearing AC elective course "AC4383 – AC Professional Internship and Professional Attachment". Enrolled students are required to complete all necessary teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks as listed in the course syllabus in order to receive credit.

Additionally, students who have successfully received internship offers via Career and Leadership Centre (CLC) or other channels (e.g. the Big Four student clubs) are also eligible to apply. Official credit will be given upon successful completion of internship and course requirements.


Students will be required to undertake related teaching and learning activities (TLAs) and complete all assessment tasks (ATs) as stated in the course curriculum, which include:

  1. A one-day pre-internship training workshop
  2. Satisfactory completion of internship as supported by company's evaluation of intern performance
  3. Submission of interim reflection report and final reflection report
Eligibility & Application Procedures