Department of Accountancy
AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Research Seminars

Date Topic Speaker
03-Jul-2024 AC Research Seminar 2023/24 Series No.20 - The Effect of Extraterritorial FCPA Enforcement on Foreign Firms’ Borrowings from US Banks
Prof. Ke WANG, University of Alberta
11-Jun-2024 AC Research Seminar 2023/24 Series No.19 - For-benefit or For-profit? The Dark Side of Stakeholderism Legislation
Prof. Frank ZHANG, Yale University
07-Jun-2024 AC Research Seminar 2023/24 Series No.18 - Nudges on Environmental Engagement: Evidence from Crowdfunding
Prof. Xiumin MARTIN, Washington University in St. Louis
04-Jun-2024 AC Research Seminar 2023/24 Series No.17 - Regulation S-K and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Human Capital Disclosure
Prof. Jung Ho Choi, Stanford University
28-May-2024 [Brown Bag] Enterprise System Standardization and Firm Information Provision
Miss LI Zihui, City University of Hong Kong
22-May-2024 AC Research Seminar 2023/24 Series No.16 - Show Me the Money! The Role of Salary Disclosure in the AI Labor Market
Prof. Rebecca N. Hann, University of Maryland
30-Apr-2024 AC Research Seminar 2023/24 Series No.15 - New Explorations on Networks of Science and Technology
Prof. Song Ma, Yale University
25-Apr-2024 [Brown Bag] A Tale of Two Banks: When Expected Credit Loss Meets Unexpected Economic Crisis
Dr. Difang Huang, HKU Business School
16-Apr-2024 [Brown Bag] When Silence Breeds Silence: Revenue Disclosure of Private Firms
Prof. Yiran Kang, City University of Hong Kong
09-Apr-2024 [Brown Bag] The Financial Anatomy of Climate Solutions: A Large Language Model Approach to Company Classification and Analysis
Prof. Shirley Lu, Harvard Business School
05-Apr-2024 AC Research Seminar 2023/24 Series No.14 - Correlated Borrowing Demands and Lender Liquidity Monitoring: Evidence from Minimum Liquidity Covenants
Prof. Scott Liao, University of Toronto
19-Mar-2024 Research Seminar 2023/24 No.13 - The Freedom of Information Act and Government Financing Costs
Prof. Nancy Su, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
12-Mar-2024 Research Seminar 2023/24 No.12 - The Influence of Powerful Executives and Lead Independent Directors on Auditor Internal Control Assessments
Prof. Tim Seidel, Brigham Young University
06-Mar-2024 Research Seminar 2023/24 No.11 - What is the Deal?: Predicting M&A Outcomes with Machine Learning
Prof. John Campbell, University of Georgia
27-Feb-2024 Research Seminar 2023/24 No.10 - Do Signatory Auditors with Tax Expertise Facilitate or Curb Tax Aggressiveness?
Prof. Mark DeFond, University of Southern California and CityU Distinguished Visiting Professor
20-Feb-2024 [Brown Bag] Lenders’ Soft Information Acquisition and Loan Contracting
Prof. Allen Huang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
06-Feb-2024 Research Seminar 2023/24 No.9 - Corporate labor violations: Does CEOs’ prosocial proclivity matter?
Dr Mehdi Khedmati, Monash University
16-Jan-2024 [Brown Bag] The Cost of Investor Protection: Bank Loan Contracting During SEC Investigations
Emmanuel Ofosu, City University of Hong Kong
09-Jan-2024 [Brown Bag] Real Externalities of Fair Value Estimates of Technology-related Intangibles: Evidence from Business Combinations
Prof. Satish Sahoo, City University of Hong Kong