Research Seminars

Date Topic Speaker
28-Jun-2023 Joint Accounting Research Workshop 2023
16-Jun-2023 Research Seminar 2022/23 No.30 - Value of Mobile Labor during Immobile Times
Dr Eliza Zhang, University of Washington Tacoma
13-Jun-2023 [Brown Bag] Transmission Effect from Insurers’ Climate Risk Disclosures on Their Corporate Bond Investees’ Environmental Friendliness
Dr Nan Yang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
02-Jun-2023 Research Seminar No.29 - The SEC’s Use of Voluntary Disclosure for the Oversight of Mandatory Disclosure
Dr Ray Zhang, Simon Fraser University
30-May-2023 Research Seminar No.28 - Social Movements and Racial Discrimination in Mortgage Lending
Prof. Helen Zhang, University of Minnesota
23-May-2023 Research Seminar No.27 - Digital Lending and Financial Well-Being: Evidence from a Developing Economy
Prof. Regina Wittenberg Moerman, The University of Southern California
15-May-2023 Research Seminar No.26 - PCAOB International Inspections and US Companies’ Exports
Prof. K.K. Raman, The University of Texas at San Antonio
09-May-2023 Research Seminar No.25 - Global Evolution of ESG Disclosure in Annual Reports
Dr Shen Rui, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
11-Apr-2023 Confidential Advertising Expenditures
Prof. Po-Husan HSU, National Tsing Hua University
04-Apr-2023 Context-Based Interpretation of Financial Information
Prof. Valeri Nikolaev, University of Chicago
21-Mar-2023 Why Do U.S. Films Underperform in China: Making Sense of Cents Abroad
Dr Du Fei, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
20-Mar-2023 The Effect of Ancestral Kinship Structure on Country-Level Financial Reporting Quality
Dr Zhongwen Fan, University of Hong Kong
28-Feb-2023 Empirical Research: What is Going Wrong and What Needs to be Done?
Professor James Ohlson, City University of Hong Kong