Research Seminars

Date Topic Speaker
27-Aug-2019 Intrinsic Ability of Nonprofit Organizations
Prof Hsihui Chang, Drexel University
30-Jul-2019 Board Ethnic Diversity, Inter-Director Communication Effectiveness and the Quality of Accruals
Prof Bin Srinidhi, University of Texas at Arlington
23-Jul-2019 Initial Coin Offerings, Blockchain Technology, and White Paper Disclosures
Prof Franco Wong, University of Toronto
18-Jul-2019 Creditor Control Rights and Borrower Protection: The Role of Borrower Consent Clause in Private Debt Contracts
Dr Yutao Li, University of Lethbridge
09-Jul-2019 Short Selling and Firm Investment Efficiency: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Dr Ke Wang, University of Alberta
19-Jun-2019 Pressure from the crowd: Crowd-sourced earnings forecasts and earnings mangement
Dr Ivy Zhang, University of California, Riverside
27-May-2019 The threat of media coverage and corporate labor investment decisions
Dr Vishal Baloria, Carroll School of Management, Boston College
21-May-2019 Monitoring Ability of Independent Directors: The Effect of Commonality in Expertise on Financial Reporting Quality
Dr Chen Chen, Monash University
20-May-2019 Do Employers Respond to Tax Incentives? – Evidence from the Hiring of People with Disabilities
Prof Oliver Zhen Li, National University of Singapore
07-May-2019 The real effects of risk disclosures: Evidence from climate change reporting in 10-K
Dr Chong Wang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
03-May-2019 [BROWN BAG] Non-GAAP Earnings and Stock Price Crash Risk
Prof Charles Hsu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
23-Apr-2019 Effect of Supplier's Own and Relative Scorecard Performance on Buyer Order Allocation
Prof Neale O'Connor, Monash University
26-Mar-2019 CEO of the Year Awards and Financial Disclosure Quality
Prof Steven Matsunaga, University of Oregon
19-Mar-2019 Corporate Governance Reforms around the World: The Impact on Firm Innovation
Dr Albert Tsang, York University
12-Mar-2019 Accounting Conservatism and Relational Contracting
Professor Jonathan Glover, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University