News & Announcements

Date Title Publisher
11-Jul-2022 Accounting or Literature? Why not both? CB News
6-Jul-2022 CB awarded 38 GRF and ECS grants in the Business Studies panel CB News
22-Apr-2022 Business Career Development Advisory Committee appoints two new members CB News
28-Mar-2022 Business and Law Joint Seminar Series Seminar by Prof. CHEN Yangyang CB News
28-Jan-2022 Outstanding Paper Award of the 2022 IAS Midyear Meeting AC News
18-Jan-2022 Alumni Story: My Way to Become a Software Developer by Miss Dale Wang CB News
30-Dec-2021 CB PhD Student Research & Teaching Excellence Award CB News
23-Dec-2021 College Research Excellence Awards 2021 CB News
22-Dec-2021 Impact Case Study by Department of Accountancy Publicized on TV Programme – Professor Phyllis Mo AC News
10-Dec-2021 City University of Hong Kong Wins CIMA Excellence Award AC News
11-Nov-2021 Alumni Story: A Transformative Profession by Agnes Tsang CB News
11-Nov-2021 Student Story: The Danish Way of Education by Benny Cheung CB News
9-Nov-2021 CityU Team Gains Victory in HKCGI Paper Writing Competition CB News
1-Nov-2021 A New Academic Staff Joined the AC Family in November 2021 – Dr Oleg Kiriukhin AC News
14-Sep-2021 Students Champion Sustainability in Regional Innovation Competition CityU NewsCentre
7-Sep-2021 College of Business First Year Teaching Award 2020/21 - Ms Suzie Kim (Graduate Teaching Assistant) AC News
7-Sep-2021 Faculty Achievement: Teaching Development Grant 2020-21, Dr Rengong Alex Zhang AC News
7-Sep-2021 Hong Kong Economic Policy Challenge 2020 on 6 February 2021 AC News
7-Sep-2021 Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) Scholarship Programme 2020 AC News
23-Aug-2021 Research Promotion Activity – Financial Reporting Council’s In-house Luncheon with Academia AC News