Research & Scholarly Activites

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7-Sep-2021 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (2021/22 Exercise): Repeated Success AC News
7-Sep-2021 PhD Graduate Joining Top Business School in France: Mr Zhenjiang Gu AC News
7-Sep-2021 Pooling Ideas on Cloud: The 2021 CJAR Summer Research Workshop, 17-18 July 2021 AC News
7-Sep-2021 Research insights: Media Coverage and IPO Pricing around the World
Research published in the JFQA by Professor Yangyang Chen
CB News
7-Sep-2021 Second Prize of Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award (Jiangsu Province) AC News
1-Apr-2020 Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme (2020/21 Exercise): Repeated Success AC News
8-Mar-2019 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (2019/20 Exercise) AC News
3-Sep-2018 2018 College of Business Research Excellence Awards AC News
20-Aug-2018 Paper Accepted by The Accounting Review AC News
23-Jul-2018 2018 CJAR Summer Research Workshop AC News
29-Jun-2018 PhD Students’ Gathering and Experience Sharing AC News
28-Apr-2018 Accepted Paper By the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA) AC News
9-Apr-2018 Visit of Dean from University of Latvia AC News
13-Mar-2018 Recent Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) Success AC News
25-Jan-2018 Best Doctoral Dissertation Award and Best Paper Award from the American Accounting Association (AAA) AC News
3-Jan-2018 Best Paper Awards:
2018 Management Accounting Section Best Paper Award - “The Market for Reputation: Repeated Matching and Career Concerns” by Eunhee Kim.
AC News
18-Dec-2017 Best Paper Awards:
2017 Auckland Finance Meeting Best Paper Award - “Win-Stay, Lose-Shift: A Strategy of Serial Acquirers” by Lyungmae Choi co-authored with Sreedhar T. Bharath and DuckKi Cho.
AC News
The Best Paper Award at 2017 Auckland Finance Meeting
AC News