CB awarded 38 GRF and ECS grants in the Business Studies panel

7 Jul 2022
College News

The Research Grants Committee (RGC) released the 2022/23 results of General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) on 30 June, awarding funding to 38 projects led by researchers at the College of Business, including 33 GRFs and 5 ECSs. This number is the second-highest among the eight UGC-funded institutions.

The GRF aims to supplement universities’ own research support to researchers who have achieved or have the potential to achieve excellence while the ECS intends to nurture junior academics and to prepare them for a career in education and research.

Professor Jeong Bon Kim, Acting Dean of College of Business, said, “GRF and ECS success is one of the key performance indicators for research work. I must thank our colleagues for the hard work in pursuing research excellence.”

List of the funded projects

Principal Investigator Dept Project Title
Dr. LI, Bing AC Auditors’ Response to Cybersecurity Risk: Human Capital Investment and Cross-Clients Influence
Dr. HU, Xiaoli AC Banks’ Technology Expertise and Cost of Debt: Evidence from Syndicated Loans
Dr. WANG, Wenfeng AC A Look into Corporate Innovation from Human Capital Demand
Dr. SAHOO, Satish AC Externalities of Fair Value Estimate of Technology Related Intangibles: Evidence from Business Combination
Dr. WEN, Jing AC The Effect of Mandatory Disclosure on Private Firms’ Trading Volume: Evidence from U.S. Banks
Dr. YEUNG, Kelvin Kwok Shing AC Audit Quality and Trust: The Importance of Audit Partners’ Inherited Culture
Dr. CHOI, Jin Kyung AC Unearthing the Lower-tier Suppliers: Evidence from Conflict Minerals Disclosure
Dr. LIU, Will Shuo EF Climate Risk Management of U.S. P&C Insurers
Dr. HSHIEH, Shenje EF Startup Survival on Digital Platforms: An Examination of Amazon’s Influence over E-Commerce Entrepreneurs
Dr. HUANG, Hanwei EF Trade costs and E-commerce in China: The Role of Logistics Firms
Dr. HAN, Xu EF Path-dependent preferences and polarized public response to pandemic
Dr. ZHANG, Lei EF Political Partisanship, Mutual Fund Voting, and Corporate Governance
Dr. O’DONOVAN, James Patrick EF Can variable annuity hedging explain the excess implied volatility puzzle?
Dr. CUI, Liyuan EF High Dimensional Time-varying Forecast Combination: A Unified Approach for Abrupt and Smooth Instabilities
Dr. QI, Yaxuan EF Political Relations and Global Supply Chains
Dr. LUO, Ding EF Investment Shocks, Unemployment, and Asset Prices
Dr. XU, Wenji EF Optimal Two-Sided Information Provision by Market Intermediaries and its Consequences
Prof. BERGIN, James* EF The Pace and Size of Innovation
Dr. LI, Yunan EF On dynamic contracts without transfers
Dr. DU, Jintao EF The Portfolio Choice of Mutual Funds
Dr. XU, David Jingjun IS Leveraging AI Systems in Depression Treatment: Underlying Mechanisms, Design Characteristics, and Facilitating Factors
Prof. LI, Xin IS Personalized Customer Engagement Considering User Blocking of Individualized Communication Channels
Dr. LIU, Junming IS A Data-driven Rebalancing Optimization System for Bike-sharing Systems
Dr. LEUNG, Alvin Chung Man IS Developing an Intelligent Source Authenticity System to Combat Fake News
Prof. LIM, Kai H IS Narrowing the Divide: Using AI-Powered Smart Health Devices and Applications and the Human Touch to Support Patients with Chronic Illness
Dr. LAM, Chak Fu MGT Challenging the status quo in a non-challenging way: A dominance complementarity view of voice inquiry
Dr. WANG, Long MGT Letter vs. Spirit: Punishments After Rule Circumvention vs. Violation
Prof. LI, Yanzhi MKT Robust Dynamic Pricing for Multiple Perishable Products
Dr. SU, Lei MKT The Influence of Scheduling Styles on Consumers’ Preference for Environmentally Friendly Products
Dr. SONG, Camilla Eunyoung MKT More Extreme on the Phone: Smartphone Use Leads to Extreme Opinion Expression
Dr. CHUNG, William Siu-wai MS Multiple Column Generation Algorithms for Variational Inequalities
Prof. WAN, Alan Tze-kin MS Addressing the Massive Data Challenge with Distributed Inference for U-Statistics-Based Empirical Risk Minimization
Prof. CHEN, Frank Youhua MS Multi-product procurement decisions: feature-based substitution, data-driven and preference learning
Dr. CHEN, Zhi MS Robust Mechanism Design with Limited Information
Prof. GUO, Pengfei MS Optimal Control of Antibiotic Usage: Managing Patients' Expectation and Doctors’ Prescribing Behavior
Dr. YU, Yimin MS Dynamic Pricing with Consumer Habituation
Dr. HE, Jingyu MS Regression Tree for Portfolio Optimization and Imbalanced Data
Dr. LO, Venus Hiu Ling MS Challenges of Order Fulfilment for an Omnichannel Retailer

*Prof. Bergin left CityU in June 2022.