Global EMBA
Global EMBA
Elevating Your Leadership with Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset

For the new business leaders who change and lead, the new EMBA is a transformational journey designed for you to drive ahead in the new world of business.

Here, you will meet leading business figures in an exclusive yet inclusive community, engage and excel on the forerunning areas in business like innovation, entrepreneurship and Global-Asia vision, to name but a few. 

城就 始於夢想

对于一群富有梦想, 拥有国际视野的高端商业精英而言, 香港城市大学商学院高级管理人员工商管理硕士 (EMBA中文), 是香港最大的普通话教授EMBA课程, 由亚洲最国际化的商学院 — 香港城市大学商学院, 以最熟悉语境 (普通话教授), 最新锐知识 (世界级教授), 提供最清新, 前沿, 国际化的学习体验, 并亲身体验游学世界顶尖商学院, 让您在家门口看东西方, 领导未来。

学贯政商 领驭未来

The CityU Tsinghua EMBA+MPA Programs (2 master’s degrees in one study period) is the first and only EMBA + MPA in Asia by 2 distinguished universities that offers forerunning & best-in-class learning and networking experience across public and private sectors (beyond an EMBA or an MPA) to executives/directors who want to go above and beyond. 

城大清华EMBA+MPA课程, 为亚洲首个及唯一的EMBA + MPA课程, 由2所顶尖大学 -香港城市大学与北京清华大学联合创办; 提供最佳及最领先的跨领域 (商业管理 + 公共管理) 和 跨地域 (大中华区及一带一路国家) 的学习体验, 协助政商精英超越界限, 更上一层楼。