Driven by our Vision to offer “globally-oriented, thought-provoking business programmes”, we constantly ask:
“How are our students performing?”
“How can we improve our programmes?”

The mission of the Assurance of Learning system is to measure student learning outcomes with a view to improving our programmes and courses.

Our approaches to Assurance of Learning in the College of Business include:

  • Establishment of an AoL Committee, comprising representatives from individual constituent departments, charged with leading our AoL efforts.
  • Careful definition of the set of Intended Learning Outcomes for each academic programme to ensure measurability and full understanding from students, faculty, teaching staff and all stakeholders of the expected student achievement through completion of the programme.
  • Institutionalisation of a college policy of collecting evidence of student achievement of learning goals.
  • Identification of assessment opportunities to collect meaningful measurements that drive continuous curriculum improvement.
  • Reengineering of administrative and teaching processes to centralise AoL in our regular quality assurance system.
  • Regular training and timely dissemination of AoL knowledge and practices to faculty and staff to ensure smooth and comprehensive implementation.

To support the implementation of AoL, CB has developed its own AoL Online System with the following main functions:

  • Sharing of AoL guidelines and documents such as CB's Five-Year Assessment Plan, guidelines and arrangements related to the implementation of AoL in CB;
  • Setting assessment rubrics and programme assessment plans by programme leaders;
  • Preparation of the online AoL reports at the course and programme level and submission of related supporting documents (such as samples of student work, and question papers concerned);
  • Online endorsement of submitted reports by the relevant parties;
  • Feedback and response between report reviewers and preparators;
  • Sharing of AoL reports/documents among individual programme teams
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AoL Online System
AoL Online System

CB’s AoL Online System provides a one-stop reporting platform for course and programme leaders, with a streamlined workflow guiding users through the entire AoL process. The system has been identified as a best practice for sharing at the 2020 AACSB Global Accreditation Conference.

To access: AoL Online System

Assurance of Learning Award

Assurance of Learning is an important quality assurance mechanism in the College of Business to drive continuous curriculum improvement and benefit student learning. 

The College of Business Assurance of Learning (AoL) Award was established in 2018/19 to recognize colleagues’ outstanding AoL efforts in assuring effective student learning and introducing high-quality teaching and learning improvements to courses, programmes and departments.

There are two categories of AoL Award, namely at the course level and the programme level in order to recognize the efforts and contributions made by academic staff and to establish different sets of award criteria to ensure fairness in the award selection.

A selection panel is established every year chaired by the Chair (Assurance of Learning Committee) or his/her nominee, and three Departmental AoL Coordinators will be members. In general, Departmental AoL Coordinators will serve on the panel on a rotational basis, with due consideration of possible conflicts of interest.  Whenever possible, the Chair (Assurance of Learning Committee) will avoid appointing a Departmental AoL Coordinator if there is an application from the same department.

Please refer to the Guidelines governing the Assurance of Learning Award for details.


AoL Award Winners

Year Award Recipients Department Category


Dr Kwok Chi Wai Ron

Information Systems



Dr Lam Chak Fu




Dr Zheng Xu




Dr Alvin Leung

Information Systems



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Assurance of Learning Committee
Departmental AoL Coordinators

Colleagues may contact the AoL Committee Chair or your Departmental AoL Coordinator in relation to the implementation of AoL. You are also welcome to contact Ms Jaime Poon for general AoL practices in the College of Business.


Terms of Reference

The committee is responsible for:

  • developing and refining a process to assess the assurance of learning goals;
  • monitoring and facilitating the development and implementation of assessment plans, instruments and methods for assurance of student learning outcomes;
  • advising programme committees on their assessment plans to ensure that they are in conformity with AACSB International standards;
  • assuring that direct and indirect measurement results are utilised for continuous improvement;
  • receiving assurance of learning reports on individual academic programs; and
  • reporting to the College Board on an annual basis and as necessary.

Its membership includes:

  • Chair of the Assurance of Learning Committee
  • The Dean and the Associate Deans are the ex-officio members
  • Members comprise one or two representatives, who are also the departmental AoL coordinators, from each CB department
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